China News Agency, Beijing, January 8th: Taiwanese students experience skiing in Beijing: "300 million people go on ice and snow, and Taiwan compatriots are not absent!"

  Author Zhu He

  "Through a whole day of skiing experience, everyone will be able to deeply feel the fun of ice and snow sports. The most important thing is that '300 million people go on ice and snow', our Taiwanese youth are not absent!" On the 8th, a teacher of Peking University Sports Teaching and Research Department, Taiwan Qing Chen Wencheng told a reporter from China News Agency.

On January 8, the skiing experience event hosted by the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of Peking University was held at the ski resort in Yanqing, Beijing. Nearly 50 students from universities in Beijing and Taiwan participated.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhu He

  On the same day, the skiing experience activity hosted by the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Office of Peking University was held at the ski resort in Yanqing, Beijing. 50 students from Beijing and Taiwan participated.

  "It took less than three minutes for the registration form to be sent out, and the quota was basically full," Chen Wencheng, who participated in the organization, felt the increasing enthusiasm of Taiwanese students for ice and snow sports.

Many of them are snow sports for the first time.

Standing on the ski resort, some students feel that "skiing is easier than imagined", while others want to try snowboarding on the basis of "playing" double-board skiing.

  The Winter Olympics is approaching. This sports event held at the "doorstep" makes Chen Wencheng, who has lived in Beijing for more than ten years, proud. He hopes to bring more Taiwanese youths to experience the fun of ice and snow sports and help them understand through the event. Continental infrastructure construction, humanities and other aspects of development.

  "We not only want to understand the Winter Olympics and experience the ice and snow events, but also want to participate in them and contribute our own strength." Chen Wencheng said that when recruiting volunteers for the Beijing Winter Olympics, he completed the registration as soon as possible, and then transferred this information to Taiwan. friends, and also popularized the knowledge of the Winter Olympics and introduced the preparations of the Winter Olympics to the youth on the island through video connection.

  Chen Wencheng introduced to reporters that at the 2021 Cross-Strait Youth Exchange and Cooperation Beijing Summit, Haidian Taiwan Youth City Volunteer Service Post was officially established, and more than ten selected students from Beijing and Taiwan will take up their posts at the end of January to provide volunteer services outside the Beijing Winter Olympics venues. Serve.

  This year, Chen Wencheng, a veteran skiing enthusiast, has been in the snow for ten years.

The geographical location makes snow and ice rare in Taiwan. "Only in winter will there be light snow on the mountains."

In 2012, when he just came to Beijing to study for a year, he was very excited to see the snowfall, and couldn't wait to experience it up close to the ski resort, "When you learn to ski, especially when you feel the speed and passion brought by this sport. , you'll love it!"

  "I just accelerated the last segment, and heard the snow under my feet making a 'swish' sound!" Lin Jiaxuan, a Taiwanese student who had completed a snowboard at the bottom of the slide, excitedly made a "victory" pose.

After a few practice sessions, she has gradually mastered the essentials of snowboarding.

When it comes to the events of this Winter Olympics, she is looking forward to figure skating most when studying at the Dance Academy of Minzu University of China. "I want to see what kind of myth Yuzuru Hanyu, the two-time Winter Olympics figure skating champion, will write in Beijing." ( Finish)