In Hesse, new corona infections are increasing again, but some other indicators are falling.

The health authorities reported new cases to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) overnight in 1924 after 842 a week ago.

This is probably due to many people returning from vacation.

The seven-day incidence has risen to 376.9 from 204.1 a week ago.

According to the RKI data, Frankfurt has the highest index in Hesse.

There the incidence has risen to a record 653.4 after 300 weeks ago.

It is followed by Offenbach with 537.8 and Darmstadt with 527.1, ahead of Wiesbaden with 478.4.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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The hotspot rules apply in Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden.

The principle is as follows: If the incidence in a district or an independent city is over 350 on three consecutive days, additional hotspot rules apply at the respective location on the next day.

After five days below the border, the region falls out of the regulation again, according to the ministry.

Fewer corona sufferers in clinics

Despite the increase in new infections in recent days, both the so-called hospitalization incidence and the number of hospital beds occupied by corona patients are falling.

The Ministry of Social Affairs shows a hospitalization incidence of 3.16 after 3.42 the previous day.

This value stands for the Covid patients admitted to clinics within a week.

243 corona patients are therefore in intensive care units after 272 a week ago.

In normal wards, the hospitals care for 588 to 614.

Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated people still make up the majority of Covid patients in clinics.

The country puts their share at 65.1 percent, 1.1 percentage points more than a week ago.

30.6 percent are fully vaccinated, 1.4 points less than seven days ago;

the vaccination status of the remaining 2.5 percent is unknown.

The vaccination quota is still making slow progress: 70.5 percent of the Hessian population are considered fully vaccinated, for people over the age of twelve it is 79.5 percent.

For comparison: on October 10th, 64.4 percent were vaccinated.