- You must be able to identify yourself as a care and nursing staff to be able to get a sampling kit, at least today and tomorrow, says Roger Larsson, chief physician.

For the time being, others with symptoms are encouraged to behave as if they have covid-19 and plan to stay at home for a week.

- We ask people who have no or mild symptoms to refrain from trying and to have patience until the lack of analysis capacity is remedied, says Helena Ernlund, infection control doctor, Region Dalarna.

The background to the decision is that the number of tests and confirmed cases has increased sharply at the same rate as the spread of infection is accelerating.

The pressure on the lab that analyzes is so great that there is now an acute shortage of analysis capacity, according to Region Dalarna.

In the clip above, chief physician Roger Larsson explains why the public is now being urged not to go to the test stations.