In order to in-depth study and publicize Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army, relevant military departments organized the filming of "Strengthening the Army: A Series of Micro-Videos of Deep Learning and Understanding Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army", which vividly reflects the vivid practice of the army's comprehensive strengthening of military training and preparation since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. And outstanding achievements, showing the truth and practical power of Xi Jinping’s thinking on strengthening the army.

The News Channel will broadcast one episode a day from today (6th). Today, let’s watch the first episode "The Army Must Fight and Win Wars."

  Chairman Xi emphasized that our army is an armed group that performs the party's political tasks. It must be politically strong and capable. This skill means being able to fight and win wars.

  Warrior: Life is a battle, and we are always on the battlefield.

For me and my comrades in arms, there can only be one outcome of the battle-victory.

  Synthetic Battalion Battalion Commander: The armored tank group quickly broke through the enemy's forward position and executed.

  Company commander: UAV implements uninterrupted electromagnetic interference.

  Company commander: Fire suppression.

  Captain: The enemy tank on the left front, suppressed by laser!

Cannon-launched missiles, annihilate!

  Warrior: Victory has been integrated into our genes, and it is what our indomitable edge points to.

  Liu Li, an instructor at a brigade history museum of the 82nd Army Group Army of the Army: Comrades in arms, everyone must have read "Who is the cutest person". This is written by the writer Wei Wei based on a brave battle on the battlefield to resist US aggression and aid Korea.

  Excerpts from "Who is the cutest person":

  A fierce struggle began.

The warriors shouted slogans on this hill of smoke and fire, and beat the enemy to death in front of the position time and time again.

This fierce battle lasted for 8 hours.

The petrol bombs dropped by the plane set them on fire.

At this time, the Warriors still won't retreat.

Although the company suffered heavy casualties, they killed more than 300 enemies. More importantly, they made the main force of our troops catch up and wiped out the enemy.

  The battle at Songgufeng is a victory coordinate of the People's Army, which inspires our officers and soldiers in the new era to always keep an eye on strong opponents, practice their skills in killing the enemy, and forge a sword-pointed iron fist that can fight and win battles.

  Ding Hui, a first-level sergeant commander of a brigade of the 82nd Army of the Army: I am Ding Hui, a member of the first batch of digital units in the army.

In my 28-year military career, I have gone through several equipment upgrades. Although every outfit change is a transformation, the most challenging aspect is digital transformation.

  Ding Hui, the first-level sergeant chief of a brigade of the 82nd Army of the Army: Basically, the operation of digital tanks relies on computers, terminals, and data. You must learn from scratch and start from scratch.

  Ding Hui, the first-level sergeant chief of a brigade of the 82nd Army of the Army: During the maintenance process, we refined the equipment according to the length of the motorized hours of your engine and the requirements of the training content.

  Ding Hui, the first-level sergeant commander of a brigade of the 82nd Army of the Army: In order to make up for the shortcomings in ability and quality, the comrades in arms have stepped up to study information technology and are familiar with equipment performance.

To overcome the enemy, we must first surpass ourselves, and the confidence to win the battle must be accumulated through hard work and practice.

In order to win the "Songbone Peak Battle" in the new era, what is needed on the battlefield is to focus on what is needed to refine and refine. mission.

  Ding Hui, the first-level sergeant chief of a brigade of the 82nd Army of the Army: The battlefield is everywhere, and only with stronger capabilities and more reliable means can we defend the peace of the country and guard the peace of life.

A strong army wins battle, our eternal belief and goal!