China News Service, January 6th, according to Bloomberg News in the United States, on the 5th local time, the number of confirmed cases of new crown in the 27 EU countries exceeded 1 million for the first time.

Despite the grim situation, the pace of epidemic prevention in various countries is not consistent.

Data map: Britain under the epidemic.

  In recent days, the epidemic situation in many European countries has continued to deteriorate. The increasing number of confirmed cases in France, Denmark, and Croatia all hit a new high on the 5th.

The report pointed out that although the symptoms of people infected with the Omi Keron strain are relatively mild, governments around the world are still concerned about the pressure on hospitals and broader health services.

  Despite this, the pace of countries on the issue of whether epidemic prevention measures are loose or tight is not uniform.

Germany’s Federal Minister of Health Lauterbach said on the 5th that the authorities are planning new regulations for epidemic prevention, and key infrastructure departments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and police and firefighting need to introduce new quarantine and isolation rules.

  In addition, Romania has also restarted the mask order.

  On the other hand, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Belgium have relaxed prevention and control measures to varying degrees.

  Specifically, from the 6th, passengers holding a valid COVID-19 immunization certificate will no longer need to provide a negative virus test certificate when entering Ireland; from the 7th, passengers who have completed the full vaccination process will no longer need to undergo nucleic acid before entering England Testing: From the 10th, people who have completed the booster vaccination or completed the full vaccination for less than 5 months will no longer need to be isolated after contact with a confirmed case, nor do they need to undergo nucleic acid testing.