Prime Minister Kishida met with Governor Koike of Tokyo over the measures against the new corona, saying, "Currently, it is not evaluated as medical pressure, but we must take appropriate measures." He emphasized the idea of ​​working together to secure a medical care provision system.

Prime Minister Kishida and Governor Koike of Tokyo met for about 30 minutes at the Prime Minister's Office while the number of newly infected people of the new corona in Tokyo is increasing rapidly.

In this, Governor Koike said, "Last week, there were 64 newly infected people in Tokyo, but today it has just increased by 10 times. It is very fast and it is progressing with a feeling of supersonic speed." ..

Then, the characteristics of the Omicron strain should be analyzed immediately, the current basic coping policy should be reviewed based on the characteristics of the Omicron strain, and the necessary amount of vaccines and swallows should be secured at an early stage to spread the infection. We requested that we focus on supplying to the metropolitan areas where we are located.

In response, Prime Minister Kishida said, "At present, the number of severely ill and moderately ill patients has not jumped significantly, and it has not been evaluated as medical pressure. I have to. "

He also stated that he would like to communicate firmly with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and prepare for the enhancement of the system, and emphasized the idea of ​​working closely with the government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to secure a medical care provision system.