Capricorns are bon vivants who want to experience a lot and simply jump over obstacles.

For them there is only one possible destination in the travel year 2022: La Palma!

The Canary Island volcanic eruption attracts adventure seekers from all over the world to experience a unique natural spectacle up close.

Since September, the Cumbre Vieja has been spitting sparks, smoke and lava without interruption - and experts believe that this can continue at any time.

Capricorns in particular with the fire signs Aries or Leo as an ascendant are bright fire and flame for spectacular outbreaks of embers under azure blue skies: they are adventurous and jump over the bubbling lava flows.

Buen viaje!


The stars have also found the right vacation spot for creative, curious Aquarius men and women in 2022: This time it's off to Cancun, Mexico!

Relax on the white sandy beach under shady palm trees and dream of the mysterious Mayan city of Chichén Itzá or the ruins of Tulum.

They are open to new experiences and love adventures - especially those that can be seen in the new "Narcos Mexico" season on Netflix.

So just book a weekend as a drug courier on the popular smuggling route along the Riviera Maya.

As a lively crime scene, Cancun is as irresistible as the warmth of the Mexicans after a rustic shootout in the cantina next door.

Hasta la vista!


Pisces love the wet element, they enjoy the colorful and wild things in life with relish.

Saturn and Neptune want fish to leave dry, dusty cultural clutter by the wayside this year, because now beach life and party holidays are at the top of the bucket list: Let's go to Lake Balaton, to the iconic clubs on Lake Balaton!

The most popular bachelorette party hotspot in Hungary makes the hearts of late risers, hangover breakfasts and party people beat faster - regardless of whether the nimble fish are enjoying the dreamy hostel or simply the sleeping bag on the pebble beach.

It can start as early as May before continuing to Ischgl for the winter break.

Üdvözöljük and servus, do it well!


Aries love new challenges, they are emotional, independent, hot-blooded and impulsive.

Even on vacation they live out their energy, always according to the motto “Higher, faster, better!” Whether you manage the Jungfernstieg without an oxygen device or swim through the Grand Canal with your eyes blindfolded - no problem!

But the new, real and really big challenge is a survival vacation at the BER adventure airport near Berlin.

Thousands of people come there, not just during the holiday season, to find out whether you can fly somewhere now or after or yesterday or at all.

The clever ones book the transit area for a whole week.

Because if you've made it by then, your vacation is almost over.

Great thing, wa.