A polar air




today puts

eleven autonomous communities and the autonomous city of

Melilla on


, three of them (

Balearic Islands




Valencian Community

) at

orange level

(significant risk) due to

strong wind


maritime storm


As reported on its website by the State Meteorological Agency (


), the orange alert in the


archipelago is due to winds of force 7 to 8 on the coast of Menorca and

waves of between 3 and 5 meters

, accompanied by

strong gusts of wind from 70 to 80 kilometers per hour

on all the islands.



there is an orange alert for

wind of up to 100 kilometers per hour

and waves of two to three meters on the north coast and there is also a

yellow warning (risk) for rains of up to 20 liters per square meter

, possibly accompanied by a storm, snowfalls of up to 15 centimeters thick and temperatures down to -8 degrees in the Lleida Pyrenees.


Valencian Community

has activated the orange alert for

winds of up to 100 kilometers / hour

on the north coast of Castellón and in the interior of that same province the yellow alert is for

snowfalls up to 2 centimeters thick

above 1.0000 meters, thus as well as a maritime storm on the Alicante and Castellón coasts.



the yellow alert is activated by gusts of Poniente of up to 70 kilometers per hour in Almería and a storm of force 7 on the Granada coast, while in


snowfalls above 1,000 meters and accumulations of up to 10 centimeters thick are expected, as well as strong wind in Teruel and in the Huesca Pyrenees, where it will also be around -8 degrees.


is on yellow alert for snowfall in Picos de Europa, as are both Castiles, where thicknesses of up to 5 centimeters of snow are expected in 24 hours above 1,200 meters and in the

Community of Madrid the

yellow level

has also been activated

due to snow in the mountains

with accumulations of up to 8 centimeters in 24 hours.



there is a yellow level due to strong wind of up to 70 kilometers per hour;


has a warning for heavy snowfalls from 1,100 and 1,200 meters and less intense above 700 meters in the interior and in the autonomous city of


the alert for force 7 coastal winds is activated.

The Aemet warns that with the orange alert there is a

significant meteorological risk

, with a certain degree of

danger for the usual activities

, and with the yellow there is no meteorological risk for the general population, although there is for some specific activity.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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