In the space of just a couple of days, the police in Kalmar have received two cases concerning run-on lynx cubs.

In B├Ąckebo, a woman found, at the end of December, a dead lynx cub lying near the road in her garden.

The wanted hunter who took care of the lynx cub suspects that it has been hit.

Infection from accident site

A couple of days later, another woman finds a dead lynx cub outside her door, but this time in Redemption.

Even in that case, the wanted hunter suspects that the lynx cub has been hit.

None of the incidents were reported in connection with the incident and are therefore classified as contagion from a traffic accident site.

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Next year, twelve lynx will be shot in Kalmar County, the county administrative board decided on Wednesday.

Here, Fredrik Ustrup, unit manager at the County Administrative Board in Kalmar County, justifies the increase.

Photo: SVT