South Korean President Moon Jae-in gave a television speech at the end of his term at the beginning of the year, showing a strong sense of crisis about the spread of the Omicron strain of the mutant virus and saying, "In the first year to completely overcome the crisis. We will do our best to deal with the new coronavirus.

South Korean President Mun Jae-in delivered his final TV speech at the beginning of the year on the 3rd, with his remaining term of more than four months.

In South Korea last month, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus per day reached the 7,000 level for the first time, and the infection has spread again. By strengthening infection control, we can move toward recovery on a daily basis, "he emphasized his stance of doing everything in his power to respond.

Regarding the mutant virus Omicron strain, which has been confirmed to have more than 1,300 infected people in South Korea, "The number of infected people is increasing all over the world. It is only a matter of time before it becomes mainstream in Japan." I showed a sense of crisis.

Regarding the relationship with North Korea, which President Mun has been focusing on, "Now is the time when the will and cooperation of the North and South are of utmost importance. If we discuss and cooperate again, the international community will respond. We hope that the next administration will continue its efforts in dialogue, seeking a path of peace. "

On the other hand, there was no mention of the relationship with Japan.