The latest data related to the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) showed that the number of infected people exceeded the barrier of 290 million and 680 thousand today, Monday, while the number of infections in Europe exceeded the threshold of 100 million cases since the virus appeared in 2019.

While the mutated Omicron continues to spread rapidly, the United States set a record number of injuries, while Kuwait urged its citizens to leave Europe.

The World Meter website, which specializes in monitoring all statistics related to the coronavirus, counts, as of 10:00 GMT, the world recorded 290,680,259 injuries, while the number of deaths reached 5,461,855 deaths.

The United States leads the number of infected people with 56 million and 142 thousand and 175 injured, while the number of deaths has reached more than 847,000.

Record rise in the number of cases in the United States (French)

high and hope

And yesterday, Sunday, the senior adviser to combat epidemics in the United States, Anthony Fauci, said that his country is witnessing a "semi-vertical rise" in the number of injuries, indicating much lower hospitalization rates.

"We are certainly in the midst of a very sharp rise in cases," the expert said, describing the rising infection rate as "unprecedented" with an average of 400,000 new infections per day.

But Fauci said that the experience of South Africa gives some hope, as the Omicron epidemic wave receded there almost as quickly as it spread.

He explained that Omicron is less severe than previous mutations, and that death rates in the United States are much lower in recent weeks than during other waves.

In France, Health Minister Olivier Veran expected the number of new coronavirus (Covid-19) infections to continue to rise over the next few days.

The French minister added that "the current month of January will be the most difficult for hospitals," explaining that "the cases infected with the delta variant fill the intensive care beds, while the omicron mutant fills the conventional beds."

France imposed new rules of isolation (Reuters)

bases and isolation

On Sunday, the French government announced the relaxation of the rules for isolating people infected with Covid-19 and their contacts in the country, starting from Monday, for the fully vaccinated, in a step aimed at preserving social and economic life in the country.

Infected people who have received the vaccine completely will have to isolate themselves for a period of 7 instead of 10 days, regardless of the mutant they are infected with, and this period can be reduced to 5 days if it is laboratory proven that they are free of the virus, and the quarantine will not be imposed on contacts who received the vaccine in full.

In the Netherlands, the capital, Amsterdam, witnessed violent protests against the government's policies on imposing vaccines and restrictions.

In Germany, the German Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control announced today that the weekly rate of new Corona infections in the country has risen for the fifth consecutive day.

The institute indicated that the rate of new infections per 100,000 people within 7 days reached 232.4 this morning, compared to 222.7 yesterday.

And health offices in Germany recorded, within 24 hours, 18,518 new infections, compared to 13,908 new injuries on Monday.

Kuwaitis at their country's airport during the first wave of Corona in 2020 (Reuters)

Call and Fears

Because of the high recorded infections with the Omicron mutant of the Corona virus, Kuwaiti embassies in European countries urged Kuwaiti citizens to return to their country.

The Kuwaiti embassies in Germany, France, Spain, Ukraine and Italy issued statements asking citizens to return to Kuwait in order to preserve their safety in light of the unstable health conditions.

Yesterday, the Kuwaiti Embassy in the United Kingdom called on Kuwaiti citizens to leave Britain and return to Kuwait, due to the large and unprecedented rise in the number of infections with the mutated Omicron.

In India, today, Monday, the Indian health authorities began vaccinating the age group from 15 to 18 years against the Corona virus, as vaccination efforts are intensifying, amid a sharp increase in the number of infections in a number of cities.

Officials in the Ministry of Health said that a large number of schools and other educational institutions are used as vaccination centers, and doses of the locally developed Covaxin vaccine have been given in this effort.