The investigation into the death of a young man of 21, killed by a bullet in the head on the evening of December 25 in Saint-Herblain, near Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) has progressed rapidly.

Two people were taken into police custody on Monday, and one of them was imprisoned on Thursday, according to information from

Ouest France


This 29-year-old young man was indicted and remanded in custody for "manslaughter, acquisition, possession and transfer of category B weapons, destruction of evidence and clues and criminal association".

The second suspect, 22, was placed under judicial supervision, and indicted for “acquisition, possession and disposal of category B weapons and criminal conspiracy.


The drama would have erupted during a gun sale that went wrong.

A gunshot is said to have been accidentally fired during the transaction, which took place in the car of the victim, from Châteaubriant.

The latter was brought by one of the two men to the Nantes University Hospital, where she died of her injuries.


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