Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Solène Delinger 6:20 a.m., December 30, 2021

Valérie Pécresse has appointed her six spokespersons for the upcoming campaign: three men and three women, with an average age of 38 years.

The LR candidate wants to bring out a new generation of officials at Les Républicains, and above all to embody all the sensibilities within her party. 

Only a few days left before the official launch of Valérie Pécresse's campaign.

The LR candidate, who took advantage of the holidays to work on her program, also took the time to appoint her six spokespersons.

Strategic, his choice illustrates his desire to embody all the sensibilities of the right. 

A former spokesperson for Fillon

Six very distinct profiles were designated by Valérie Pécresse, and as many political currents which represent the electorate that she seeks to convince.

First two vice-presidents of the Ile-de-France region, Florence Portelli, former spokesperson for François Fillon's campaign in 2017, and Othman Nasrou, known to have opposed communitarianism in his town of Trappes, a central theme for right-wing voters.

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A commitment against violence against women

To defend a more social policy, the candidate trusts Aurélien Pradié, deputy for Lot, committed in particular to issues of disability and violence against women.

He is also secretary general of the Republicans, a way of including the party in the campaign.

This is also the meaning of the appointment of Agnès Evren, already spokesperson for the movement.

Another appointment: that of Christelle Morençais, president of the Pays de la Loire region, representative of a more liberal current… She is said to be close to Edouard Philippe and could therefore, by her speech, convince the right-wing voters who left for Emmanuel Macron 5 years ago.

Finally, the president of young LR, Guilhem Carayon, holding a strong right on sovereign themes will be responsible for speaking to his generation, an electorate who is turning away for the moment from Valérie Pécresse.