Expo 2020 Dubai continues to welcome visitors in a safe and responsible manner

Expo 2020 Dubai today announced that it will continue to welcome visitors in a safe and responsible manner as we work to find a balance between creating a responsible, safe and enjoyable World Expo and tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added in a statement issued today that we have learned, just like Dubai and the country in general, how to live and work effectively in a world still living in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic, as long as we maintain our flexibility and dependence on procedures based on scientific grounds and continue to act responsibly.

 The statement indicated that Expo 2020 Dubai is taking strict preventive measures to confront Covid-19 in order to protect everyone who visits and works at the international event site, and these measures include imposing the wearing of masks on visitors, employees and participants in open and closed spaces.

While on-site screening centers allow staff in country wings, field staff, artists, performers and media to be tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis.

 Expo 2020 Dubai stressed that everyone's health and safety "remains our top priority and we remain committed to working with participants to welcome visitors to a safe, enjoyable and exceptional edition of the World Expo."