China's high-speed rail operating mileage exceeds 40,000 kilometers

  Beijing, December 30 (Reporters Yan Bing and Lu Yanan) On the morning of December 30, the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed rail opened from Anqing to Jiujiang, and the high-speed rail link between Hefei and Nanchang was realized. The operation chart was adjusted on January 10, 2022. After that, the fastest time between Hefei and Nanchang can be reached in 2 hours and 22 minutes, and the Shangqiu-Shenzhen section of the Beijing-Hong Kong (Taiwan) passage of the "Eight Vertical and Eight Horizontal" high-speed rail network runs through the whole line.

  Thanks to the Anjiu high-speed rail, Hubei Huangmei has integrated into the "one-hour economic circle" of Wuhan, Hefei, and Nanchang.

Citizen Ms. Meng experienced the high-speed rail station in front of her house, "I'm so happy that Huangmei has also entered the'high-speed rail era'. You can reach Lushan in 20 minutes. In the following weekends, you can "go and go" and take more pictures of beautiful scenery."

  In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", China's railway construction was advanced with high quality, making it easier for passengers to travel.

As of December 30, China's high-speed rail operating mileage exceeded 40,000 kilometers, ranking first in the world; China's total railway operating mileage exceeded 150,000 kilometers, ranking second in the world.

  Insist on independent innovation, China Railways are clever.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Chinese railway builders opened roads in the mountains and built bridges when they met water. The mileage of railway operations has increased by about 53,000 kilometers, of which more than 4,200 kilometers have been opened this year; a total of 24.3 billion passengers have been sent, including 13.6 billion EMUs.

  China Railway has the courage to take on the role of boosting rural revitalization.

In June this year, the Lhasa-Nyingchi railway opened.

"Monthly income is 3,200 yuan, and there are various trainings. I am very satisfied." Bum Aniu, a 23-year-old villager in Zire Village, Bujiu Township, Linzhi City, became the first security inspector at Linzhi Station after graduating from university. "The village is 1 distance from the railway station. Kilometers, it’s a good day for the railway to "pull"."

  In the first year, with the opening of many railways, Nyingchi, Pu'er, Xishuangbanna and other places have bid farewell to the history of no railways. Rural revitalization has added a "new engine" and new jobs are available at home.

  Promote coordinated development, and China Railway will move forward.

"The high-speed rail is now open, welcome friends from the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to visit and pick!" This year the Gan-Shen high-speed rail was opened, and Chen Linguang, the party branch secretary of Luojie Village, Xiaojiang Town, Xinfeng County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, raised his eyebrows.

Relying on the local navel orange industry and tourism resources, Xinfeng County has planned a number of high-quality tourism routes, and Xiaojiang Town is the beneficiary.

"Enriching the "fruit basket" of the citizens of the Greater Bay Area and spurring the "pockets" of the people in the old districts. This is a win-win situation for us!"

  The operation of Zhangjihuai Railway has further highlighted Hunan’s geographical advantage of connecting east and west, connecting south and north; the Mujia section and Dunbai section of the Shenjia high-speed railway were opened one after another, Harbin, Mudanjiang, and Jiamusi formed the high-speed rail link, and the construction of Changchun to Changbai Mountain was rapid Passenger transport channels, the railway network in Northeast China is more complete... China's railway network is increasingly evenly distributed, making "Mobile China" more vibrant.