The airports in Växjö and Kalmar have had a tough time during large parts of the pandemic.

2020 was a lost year, but in 2021 the business started to start again.

But now the airport managers are once again seeing dark clouds in the sky.

Due to the new restrictions, several flights will be stopped.

In Växjö, Wizz Air stops the planned route between Växjö and Belgrade, and Ryan Air has canceled all flights to Poland.

In Kalmar, traffic on the controversial route to Frankfurt will be stopped from 9 January until further notice.

State aid

The head of the airport in Kalmar, Ronny Lindberg, tells SVT that he still hopes for state support so that non-state airports will have better opportunities to cope.

The same request was first made by Växjö Airport's airport manager Ulf Axelsson.

Today, it is the regions that distribute the aid to the non-state airports.

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The first electric aircraft has landed in Kalmar.

Within five years, it should be possible to fly electric planes up to Stockholm, the airport manager believes, without the ticket being more expensive than today.

Photo: William Frykfeldt / SVT