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question: Yunnan Diqing knowledge: Tibetan hug "wisdom of life" in the tradition

  China News Agency reporter Han Shuinan

  Tuanjie Village, Xiaozhongdian Town, Shangri-La City, Yunnan Province, the blue sky, the yellow grassland, and the houses of Tibetan nationality form a beautiful winter picture.

A Tibetan woman, Sun Nuoyangzong, took reporters to visit her traditional storage house. The doors and windows are exquisitely carved with wood and the interiors are rich and gorgeous.

"This house can be successfully renovated thanks to this 5G smart camera. In July this year, in order to take care of the building materials piled up in the yard, I installed one with the mentality of giving it a try, which is very useful." Say.

  "Why don't you answer the phone?" Yang Zong's husband's voice came from the camera in the corner of the courtyard.

"Isn't this a guest at home." Yang Zong smiled and walked to the camera, reporting to her husband the safety of the house.

Yang Zong said that the camera in the yard continued to perform functions beyond her expectations after successfully completing the task of caring for the building materials.

"My husband has been traveling for transportation for a long time. He can see the situation at home at any time with his mobile phone, and he can contact us through the camera." Yang Zong said, "When someone passes in front of the camera, the mobile phone will automatically remind you."

  In fact, in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province, more Tibetan compatriots are enjoying the convenience of "smart life" while maintaining Tibetan traditions.

  At a Nissi chicken farm in Shangri-La, groups of Nissi chickens heard a burst of sweet music and gathered at the feeding point one after another, waiting for the breeder to put the feed.

At this moment, the staff of the farm, Wu Zong Zhuoma, can get an unobstructed view of the real-time situation of the entire farm through his mobile phone at home.

  "Not only can I see the video surveillance, but I can also grasp the temperature, wind speed, egg production and other data." Wu Zong Zhuoma introduced, Nixi chicken is a special product of Diqing, the meat is fresh and tender, and the flavor is unique. The chicken breeding environment is harsh and the cost of breeding is high, so we can only take the route of high-end agricultural products.

  In 2020, China Mobile Yunnan Co., Ltd., based on 5G applications, developed a 5G integrated application pilot project for smart livestock breeding based on plateau Diqing for local Nissi chicken breeding companies.

The system can realize simple command of chickens through music, and through the music breeding system, the pleasant serenade can be played regularly during the day and night to promote the healthy growth of Nisi chickens.

  "The power of technology not only drives the Tibetan people in the plateau areas to get rich and income, but also allows more people to taste the delicious Nisi chicken." Wu Zong Zhuoma said with a smile.

  As an employee of the Diqing branch of China Mobile's Yunnan company, Yu Yuxiang, a Tibetan guy, couldn't be more clear about the changes that "smart life" has brought to the Tibetans.

He introduced that in addition to the pilot application of 5G smart animal husbandry integration, the company has also developed projects based on the plateau area's "5G+AI" smart feature planting application pilot program, and 5G smart plant environment monitoring based on the plateau area.

Data from the company shows that China Mobile's signal coverage in Diqing Prefecture is over 97%, and the broadband coverage is over 94%.

  Yu Yuxiang said that some Tibetans still retain the habit of picking up Cordyceps in the mountains. In the past, they sold Cordyceps to middlemen. Now that the Internet becomes more popular, they will find suitable e-commerce platforms to directly sell Cordyceps on the Internet, and their income will not increase. few.

In addition, the Internet also brings more learning opportunities for children. "Now children can not only learn Tibetan from their elders, but also learn a variety of courses through the Internet."

  From 2013 to 2015, Yu Yuxiang studied abroad in Japan. After seeing the prosperous metropolis, he finally chose to return to Diqing to contribute to the construction of his hometown.

"While science and technology have injected inexhaustible momentum for Diqing's development, it also allows Diqing to better retain its traditions. Who can't love the integration of modernity and tradition?" Yu Yuxiang said.