The tragedy of "Hawraa" Iraq... She went to buy "chips" and she returned with her blood "raped" by a policeman (video)

Yesterday, Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior said that it had arrested a man who "raped a girl" after she was kidnapped with her three-year-old brother near their home in a Baghdad district.

According to the ministry's spokesman and head of the Iraqi Security Media Cell, Major General Saad Maan, whose statements were reported by the Iraqi "Al-Rasheed" channel, "the accused kidnapped the girl Haura and her little brother from the street near their house, and took them to his nearby house."

Maan added, "The girl's brother started crying, so the accused took him out of the house, then he did his heinous act."

Several hours later, the accused released Hawra to return to her family, who recognized the accused's house and informed the police who arrested him.

And the Iraqi "Al-Sharqiya" channel said that Hawraa went to buy "chips" from the shop to return with her blood "raped".

The victim, a six-year-old girl, is in a hospital in the capital.

Major General Maan spoke to the channel while he was next to the girl's bed, where she appeared lying down while receiving treatment.

The full story of the child Haura..

She went to buy "chips" from the shop to return with her blood "raped".. An

affiliate in the Ministry of the Interior raped a 6-year-old girl in the Al-Hussainiya area, northeast of Baghdad # Al Sharqiah_News

— AlSharqiya TV - Al Sharqiya Channel (@alsharqiyatv) December 26, 2021

A number of Iraqi media published a picture of the "accused", a man in his forties, and some activists said that he works as a policeman, as he is affiliated with the Ministry of Interior.

A number of the girl's relatives expressed "shock" after learning about what had happened.

A number of those who gathered in front of the perpetrator's house in the city of Husseiniya, east of Baghdad, added, in television statements, that "the girl's father went out to look for her and saw her come out of one of the houses covered in blood."

They added that the father took his daughter to the hospital, while his brothers gathered near the accused's house until the police came.

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