After Algeria won the Arab Cup, the army considers the cup a "strong response to the enemies"

Despite the passage of more than a week, the Algerian Chief of Staff, Lieutenant-General Said Chanegriha, commented on Algeria's victory in the Arab Football Cup for the first time in its history, during the official inauguration of the new commander of the Air Defense Forces.

Chingriga said, in statements carried by the official Algerian Defense Ministry Facebook page, on Sunday, that the coronation of the national team is an "opportunity to express the burning national spirit (...) and it is a strong and frank response to the enemies of yesterday and today, and to everyone who tries to question the unity of this people." and his great zeal for his homeland.

He added, "This historic sporting achievement is a precious gift, which the desert warriors agreed to present to their homeland and their people, at the end of this year, which is full of events and achievements."

Chanegriha did not clarify who he meant by the enemies, but Algeria decided to cut off its relationship with Morocco, last August.

The Algerian presidency accused the Rashad Islamist groups and the separatist Mack movement in Kabylie (which they designated as terrorist organizations) of involvement in devastating forest fires in the same month.

A Moroccan diplomat in New York called for the right of the people of the Kabylie region to self-determination. Algeria responded by recalling its ambassador in Rabat last July.

At the ceremony of the new inauguration, Chanegriha continued, saying: "These achievements and this dynamic, which contributed greatly to the restoration of the Algerian citizen's confidence in the institutions of his state, and prompted him to engage enthusiastically in its promising workshops, because he became more aware of the current international and regional stakes, and more aware of the conspiracies of stalkers, and what is being woven against his country in secret and in public.

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