December 26, 2021 There were also falsified Green Passes, ready for printing, in the computer of a 26-year-old from Gragnano (Naples), arrested by the Carabinieri for use and manufacture of counterfeit banknotes and documents. In his home, the military found 39 fake identity cards, 44 counterfeit 20 euro banknotes, 4500 euro in cash denomination gap whose origin has not been clarified, 15 payment cards in the name of other people, a computer and a printer used for reproduce the banknotes. Analyzing the hard disk of the 26-year-old's PC, the investigators found a folder with the name "stolen green pass", inside which there were some matrices used to forge green certifications. Some were ready to be printed and already reported the personal data of other people,unaware of the use of their sensitive data. The young man is now under house arrest, awaiting trial.