China News Service, Beijing, December 24 (Reporter Zhang Su Liang Xiaohui) The 32nd meeting of the 13th National People's Congress Standing Committee voted on the 24th to pass the revised Civil Procedure Law, clarifying that online litigation activities are equivalent to offline litigation activities legal validity.

  The Civil Procedure Law is the basic rule that regulates the civil procedure.

The content of this revision mainly involves judicial confirmation procedures, small claims procedures, summary procedures, sole appointment, online litigation, etc.

  In the Internet era, people generally expect litigation to be digitalized, networked, and convenient, and judicial practice has a strong demand for online litigation rules.

This revision of the law focuses on the long-term development of the civil litigation system, clarifies the legal effect of online litigation, and improves online litigation rules such as electronic service.

  Specifically, the revised law adds a new online litigation legal effect clause, clarifying that the application of online litigation requires the consent of the parties as the prerequisite, and online litigation activities and offline litigation activities have the same legal effect.

At the same time, optimizing the rules of electronic service, "increase the application of electronic service on the basis of the principle of voluntariness of the parties"; shorten the period for service of announcements, "in accordance with changes in economic and social development, shorten the period for service of announcements from 60 days For thirty days".

  Du Tao, deputy director of the Civil Law Office of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, believes that this amendment will make the civil procedure rules better adapt to the development and changes in social life, and will help promote the transformation and upgrading of the civil procedure system in the Internet era. It is also for further deepening. Online litigation practice provides strong legal support.