More than 2,400 disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres in Xi'an are fighting to supervise the front line

  On December 23, the reporter learned from the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Xi’an City, Shaanxi Province that since the introduction of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on Pakistan flights on December 4, Xi’an has organized discipline inspection and supervision cadres to carry out 15 rounds of supervision and inspection, and 1,348 key points have been inspected. , 203 problems were discovered and urged on the spot for rectification, 4 grassroots party organizations and units were held accountable for ineffective epidemic prevention and control, 26 persons in charge were dealt with, and 2 cases were reported to 14 people.

  It is understood that after the outbreak of this round of the epidemic, the Xi'an Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision established a leading group for the supervision and inspection of epidemic prevention and control in a timely manner.

There are 8 supervision and inspection teams under the leading group to conduct regular inspections and key spot checks on contact units.

At the same time, the city requires the district and county commissions for discipline inspection and the dispatch of personnel from the discipline inspection and supervision committees of the development zones to set up corresponding institutions to carry out supervision and inspection work simultaneously.

At present, there are more than 2,400 disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres in the city, except for one centralized isolation and 28 isolation at home, all of them are fighting on the front line of supervision.

  "Highlight the key points to have a targeted." The person in charge of the Party Style and Political Style Supervision Office of the Xi'an Discipline Inspection Commission told reporters that the city's eight supervision and inspection teams have adopted methods such as open and unannounced visits, on-site inspections, conversations and interviews, and supervision and verification to keep a close eye on medium- and high-risk areas. , Isolate the implementation of prevention and control measures in key places such as community hotels, schools, supermarkets, traffic jams, pharmacies, hospitals, and nucleic acid testing sites, and continue to increase supervision and inspection efforts.

  In response to the problems of inadequate nucleic acid testing organizations found in individual units, untimely delivery of samples, and inaccurate test sample scheduling, all districts, counties and development zones are required to identify a district/county-level leading cadre who is specifically responsible for nucleic acid testing, sampling and transportation to ensure Inspections are sent every 2 hours; each district, county and development zone discipline inspection and supervision agency collects sampling points in their respective jurisdictions to ensure full coverage of supervision and inspection; 31 disciplinary inspection and supervision cadres are selected to station in 19 third-party nucleic acid testing laboratories to carry out supervision and inspection , To ensure that sample testing is always in a stable and efficient state; two mobile inspection teams are established to regularly supervise and inspect the rectification of key issues pointed out by the provincial and municipal epidemic prevention and control headquarters.

  "Seriously investigate and deal with formalist bureaucratic issues such as non-accountability, inaction, prevarication, and passive coping in the prevention and control of the epidemic, with precise accountability, and timely exposure, so as to further strictly enforce the discipline of epidemic prevention and control, and consolidate the responsibilities of all parties. "The relevant person in charge of the Xi'an Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision said that in the process of normalizing the epidemic prevention and control in the early stage, insufficient attention was paid to the level of ideology, the main responsibility was not in place, the implementation of related systems was not strictly enforced, and the internal management was chaotic. The staff of the class were infected with the new crown pneumonia. After investigation and verification, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has given 10 responsible persons party discipline and government sanctions or organized treatment, and notified them throughout the city.

At the same time, in response to problems in the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of a certain district, the flow adjustment and control work are not smoothly connected or synchronized, which causes the close contact personnel to be unable to manage and control in time, etc., four responsible persons of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters in the district Administrative sanctions or organizational processing.