The Saudi-led military coalition in Yemen announced today, Thursday, that it had thwarted a new attack launched by the Houthi group on Abha airport in the south of the kingdom, and confirmed that it had destroyed military sites during raids on Sanaa, while the Houthis accused the coalition of targeting civilian facilities.

And the Saudi Press Agency on Twitter quoted the coalition as saying that its air defenses destroyed today a booby-trapped drone that tried to target Abha International Airport.

The coalition added that shrapnel was scattered around the airport, but no injuries were reported.

He added that he had monitored the source of the threat and would work to neutralize and destroy it to protect civilians, indicating that he had identified the location from which the drone was launched.

The Houthis had repeatedly targeted Abha airport and other facilities inside the kingdom.

And last night, the coalition warplanes launched raids targeting what it described as legitimate military targets in Sanaa, while the Houthis spoke of the bombing of civilian sites facilities.

In a statement published at dawn today, the coalition announced that it had destroyed 7 stores of drones and weapons in the Central Security Camp in Sana'a, and explained that last night's raids came in response to a new attempt to attack Saudi Arabia with drones, referring to an attempt by the Houthis to target Jazan (southern of the Kingdom).

Before that, the coalition bombed Sanaa airport, and the Houthis spoke the day before yesterday, Tuesday, that it was out of service, while the coalition denied this.

Leader Muhammad Ali al-Houthi makes a statement while inspecting a site in Sanaa that was targeted by a coalition raid (Reuters)

bridge and prison

In contrast to the coalition's assurances of bombing legitimate military targets, the Houthis' Al-Masirah TV said on Twitter that the coalition's warplanes launched 3 raids on the Al-Sabeen area in Sana'a, one of which targeted a bridge at Al-Misbahi intersection.

The channel added that the raids also damaged the homes of citizens.

Houthi media also reported that Sanaa's traffic, Al-Sabeen Square and Al-Sitteen Street, were out of service following a coalition raid.

For its part, the Houthi Prisoners Committee condemned today what it said was the coalition aircraft targeting the vicinity of the prisoners’ prison in the Central Security Command building in Sana’a, following the visit of the International Committee of the International Red Cross to the prison.

The committee spoke - in a statement - about the destruction of some prison facilities, and the targeting sparked a state of great panic among the prisoners, after some facilities of the prison, which contains 3,000 prisoners, were damaged.

The statement indicated that the coordinates of the prison are already known to the coalition, and they were previously informed by international organizations and bodies and the International Committee of the Red Cross more than two years ago.

Displaced due to war

In humanitarian terms, the United Nations announced today the displacement of 150,000 Yemenis as a result of the conflict this year.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said on Twitter that most of these displaced people fled the fighting in Marib (northeast), Taiz (southwest) and Hodeidah (west).

UNHCR added that families in Yemen continue to be displaced due to the fighting and the deteriorating economy.

The Yemeni government announced yesterday that the total number of displaced people since the start of the war has risen to 4 million and 100 thousand people.