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Cdiscount Mobile plans: an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone offered

The most complete offers remain the packages with commitment.

By accepting a 24-month commitment, Cdiscount Mobile will ship you a refurbished Apple or Samsung smartphone in excellent condition free of charge.

This formula allows you to equip yourself with a reduced impact on the environment.

Thus, its 100 GB plan changes during the holidays.

From December 22 to January 4, 2022, subscription to this package comes with a free refurbished Samsung S10.

With its € 10 SIM card, this € 24.99 / month plan with a 24-month commitment includes everything large data consumers need, including 20 GB that can be used abroad.

Another solution: on this same package, you can also opt for a refurbished 64 GB iPhone XR.

Apple's smartphone will then be available to you for only € 9.99.

You will also have more mobile data abroad: 27 GB will be at your disposal.

If your needs are a bit more modest, consider Cdiscount Mobile's 60 GB plan.

Until January 4, this € 15.99 / month plan gives you access to 20 GB of mobile data usable in the EU and the overseas departments.

But above all, it allows you to enjoy a refurbished iPhone 8 free of charge.

Discover Cdiscount Mobile offers

Non-binding packages: inexpensive packages from December 23

There are also many changes to Cdiscount Mobile's no-obligation plans.

From December 23 until January 4, three subscriptions are at preferential prices.

The first is the no-commitment version of the 100 GB plan, which you'll find for just € 8.99 / month for 12 months.

This solution will provide you with 13 GB of data that can be used in the EU and the French overseas departments.

In a year, the price of this mobile plan will increase to € 19.99 / month.

The second package is 80 GB. Accessible at € 7.99 / month for one year, it will then drop to € 16.99 / month.

Adapted to those used to streaming, it has 11 GB of data that can be used abroad.

Cdiscount Mobile ends with the extension of the tariff valid on its 5 GB package. Aimed at small consumers, this subscription is only 3.99 € / month for 12 months, for any subscription before January 4.

Its 5 GB of mobile data is fully usable in the EU and the overseas departments.

All these plans, whether they are with or without commitment, include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

Remember: you can take advantage of these rates for one year, to change your plan once the trial period is over.

Discover Cdiscount Mobile offers

With the end of the year holidays, take the time to take stock of your smartphone and mobile plan needs.

Free devices and subscriptions starting at 3.99 € / month are a good opportunity to change your equipment.

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