The family received help through a support program.

They went into talk therapy together and had the opportunity to understand each other.

- The most important thing has been to put Malvina's perspective in the center, that she has been able to express her feelings and take a seat.

I used to try to escape from my own difficult feelings, but now I just try to be in what is, says Emma Gattson.

She has been sober for ten years.

Today, the relationship with Malvina has healed, but they are still working on their feelings of guilt and shame.

- As a child, it is easy to take on the parent's bad mood.

I did not understand why my mother drank and assumed that it was due to me, but of course it was wrong, says Malvina Gattson.

Christmas was nothing special

Before Christmas, many families are affected by alcohol-related conflicts.

This is something that Malvina Gattson herself has experienced.

- Christmas should be full of joy, but for me it was just a day like everyone else because mom drank.

I hope that more families dare to tackle their problems and talk to each other, there is a solution as long as you are brave, says Malvina Gattson.

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