A large number of employees and workers work at the British Royal Buckingham Palace.

According to the American magazine Forbes, the staff working to serve the Queen includes more than 1,000 people, most of whom work in ordinary jobs such as housekeeping, security, food services, and so on.

But some members of the Queen's service staff occupy odd jobs that may surprise ordinary people.

Here is a list of the most unusual jobs in the British royal family's palace, published by the "Bright Side" website.

1- Swan guard

Among the jobs in the royal palace is the job of a swan guard who takes care of the queen’s swans. This job has recently been divided into two parts. There is a swan guard and another employee responsible for the swan census. The task of the two is to supervise the necessary periodic health checks for these birds and conduct an annual census.

They also carry out rescue and conservation tasks.

The job of a swan keeper is to look after the queen's swans and there is also a census officer (Getty Images)

2- The function of wearing the queen's shoes

Most people suffer from some pain when wearing new shoes for the first time, but the Queen of Britain - unlike ordinary people - has an ideal solution to this problem, as her staff includes an employee whose task is to wear her new shoes before wearing them on occasions.

It is the shoe-wearer's responsibility to make sure the Queen is comfortable in her new shoes, and won't get in the way of her destination.

The Queen's shoe-wearing officer is tasked with making sure the Queen feels comfortable in her new shoes (Getty Images)

3- Composer

The Queen's music composer is responsible for composing special tracks for various important royal events.

This includes coronations, birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, and even funerals.

Previously, whoever held this position would stay there for life, but now composers have worked for only 10 years, in order to allow other talented musicians to perform this role.

The Queen's music composer is responsible for composing special tracks for various important events (Getty Images)

4- A special astronomer

There is also, among the staff of the royal palace, an astronomer responsible for advising the Queen on astronomical and scientific related matters.

This position was created in the 17th century when there were many scientific discoveries, but now this position is mostly an honorary title.

5- Specialized in time and hours

It is not easy to change the time during spring and autumn when there are about 400 hours in the royal palace.

Therefore, Her Majesty has a special person who alters the royal clocks, an agent responsible for maintaining the clocks and adjusting their timing.

Given the large number of clocks in the royal palace - some of them are very huge and in the shape of a tower - the task of changing the time to winter or summer time takes about 16 hours to set all the clocks in Birmingham Palace.

This job requires special expertise, as the owner is also responsible for maintaining antique watches, most of which are older than the Queen herself.

6- The profession of cutting meat

There is one thing the Queen should not be expected to do herself and that is cutting meat, so there is a special official of the royal palace in charge of this task.

This goes back many centuries when kings had never cut meat themselves.

What is interesting is that this job is hereditary, and only a few people apply for it, as the talent for the ability to cut meat well is believed to be hereditary.

Although stamp collecting is not part of the Queen's hobbies, she keeps the collection she got from her father (Getty Images)

7- Stamp Keeper

The British Queen owns one of the most impressive collections of stamps from all over Europe.

A dedicated person will travel all over the world to add unique stamps to this collection.

This position is called the "keeper of the Queen's Stamps."

Although collecting stamps is not part of the Queen's hobbies, she keeps the collection she got from her father.

8- Keep tires

In addition to the vast number of watches and postage stamps, Buckingham Palace contains priceless works of art in sumptuous frames.

The group of art paintings includes about 8,000 paintings, many of which are placed in appropriate frames and require constant attention. Therefore, there is a special function called “Tire Keeper,” whose owner constantly evaluates the conditions of the frames and works on preserving and restoring them.