19 new names were presented in the Swedish Olympic team and among them were three Värmlanders.

These are the alpine talent Hanna Aronsson Elfman, 18, from Karlstad and the Torsby-born duo Linn Persson, biathlon, and Anton Persson, cross-country skiing.

The future criterion

JVM gold medalist Aronsson Elfman will be selected via the future criterion.

So far this year, she has been in the top 15 as the best in the World Cup.

Sprinter Anton Persson also gets a place after reaching eighth place in Davos as the best result so far.

Brorsson has to wait

In biathlon, Mona Brorsson is still missing, but further selections will take place.

The curling players in Team Edin (Niklas Edin, Rasmus Wranå, Christoffer Sundgren, Oskar Eriksson and Daniel Magnusson) have already been selected.

Oskar Eriksson will also play mixed doubles together with Almida de Val.

48 ice hockey players remain to be taken out in January.

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Last weekend she was successful in the host cup competitions in Killington, Vermont in the USA Photo: SVT