Chinanews client, Beijing, December 21 (Ren Jing, Peng, Ningling, Zhang Yilin) ​​How is the "double reduction" work implemented?

How is the progress of off-campus training governance?

On the 21st, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to respond to related hot issues.

The students entered the campus in an orderly manner wearing masks.

Photo by Chen Chao

More than 99% of schools have achieved zero-start teaching in the starting grade

  According to Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, education departments and teaching and research institutions in various places attach great importance to deepening education and teaching reform, further strengthening school teaching work guidance, and establishing a number of teaching reform demonstration areas and schools.

  Schools generally pay more attention to improving the quality of classroom teaching and improving teaching management standards. More than 99% of schools have established basic teaching regulations, earnestly implemented teaching plans, emphasized strengthening teaching management, teaching research preparation, teaching evaluation, accurate analysis of academic conditions, and improvement of teaching methods and methods , Improve classroom teaching efficiency; 99% of schools have achieved "zero-start" teaching in the starting grade, focusing on the connection between the primary and the primary; the assistance system for students with learning difficulties has generally been established, and 98.7% of teachers have participated in the guidance and answering , To effectively reduce the burden and improve the quality, to ensure the quality of students' academic work.

More than 90% of students can complete the homework within the specified time

  It was mentioned at the meeting that schools in various regions (above 99%) have generally formulated relatively complete homework management methods and established a homework publicity system. The total amount and duration of school homework has basically met the specified requirements, and the written homework has been completed within the specified time. The proportion of students has increased from 46% before the "double reduction" to more than 90% at present.

  Many places have focused on improving the quality of homework design by formulating sub-subject homework design guidelines, launching homework design competitions, and high-quality homework display and exchange activities, and the problem of students' excessive workload has been initially solved.

99.6% of the parents of students reported that the teachers did not assign homework to their parents or ask them to correct the homework this semester.

The students entered the campus in an orderly manner wearing masks.

Photo by Chen Chao

Off-campus training institutions have been reduced by more than 80%

  According to the Ministry of Education’s Off-campus Education and Training Supervision Department, after unremitting efforts, significant progress has been made in the governance of off-campus training. Subject training has been significantly reduced. At present, offline off-campus training institutions have been reduced by 83.8%, and online off-campus training institutions have been reduced. 84.1%.

  Some of the remaining training institutions will be turned into non-profit institutions, and government-guided prices will be implemented to provide public welfare services to the people; those that are not suitable for conversion will be further written off.

The false fire in the training market has drastically cooled down, advertising has basically disappeared, capital has largely withdrawn, barbaric growth has been effectively curbed, and a good atmosphere for the support and recognition of the "double reduction" reform by the whole society has gradually formed.

97.3% of parents are satisfied with the school's burden reduction and quality improvement work

  Lu Yugang introduced that the school's implementation of "double reduction" has been generally welcomed and praised by parents and the society.

  A special survey conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics after the start of school in the fall showed that the school’s burden reduction was effective and the burden of homework was significantly reduced. 73% of parents said that the time for their children to complete written homework was significantly less than before the “double reduction”. Satisfied with the service.

The school direct reporting platform received 77.14 million anonymous questionnaires for parents, and 97.3% of parents reported that they were satisfied with the school’s burden reduction and quality improvement work.