"General Secretary, you are so busy at ordinary times, so you still come to see us." "I am busy with these things. The'bigger of the country' is the happy life of the people."

  "We are the servants of the people, this sentence is not a slogan, we just do things for the people."

  "I care about you very much."

  From colorful Guizhou to Minshan and Minshui, from Bagui to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, from the Loess Plateau to the mouth of the Yellow River... Spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, the General Secretary's footsteps traveled all over the land of China.

  Everything the people live by is something that the general secretary is worried about.

  For whom to work hard for whom, everything for the people!

  (Production丨Wang Yuan, Fan Hao, Qu Yi Nai Zal)