China News Service, December 20th. Comprehensive foreign media reported that on the 19th local time, the British "Guardian" published a photo of British Prime Minister Johnson having a drinking party at the Prime Minister's Office in May 2020, and pointed out that he was suspected of violating the British government at the time. Strict anti-epidemic regulations are being implemented.

On the 19th local time, the British "Guardian" published a photo of British Prime Minister Johnson having a drinking party at the Prime Minister's Office in May 2020, and pointed out that he was suspected of violating the strict anti-epidemic regulations that were being implemented in the UK at the time.

(Image source: screenshot of the British "Guardian" report)

Drinking red wine, eating cheese, lack of social distancing

Johnson spokesperson: We were in a meeting

  According to reports, this photo published in The Guardian was taken in May 2020.

In the photo, Johnson and his wife Kelly are holding their newborn child and sitting around a table with cheese and red wine. Next to them are two people believed to be public officials and assistants.

  In addition, in the screen, another table also seated 4 people, and there were 9 people talking in a circle on the lawn not far away.

The report pointed out that everyone in the photo failed to maintain social distancing.

  In response, a spokesperson for the British Prime Minister’s Office said that Johnson and others were holding a “work meeting” at the time, adding that “work meetings are usually held in the gardens of Downing Street during the summer months.” The spokesperson said Said, "Downing Street is the Prime Minister's home and his workplace. The Prime Minister's wife also lives at No. 10 Downing Street, so this garden can be used legally."

Data map: British Prime Minister Johnson.

At that time, the UK was implementing strict epidemic prevention restrictions

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party: A slap in the face of the British public

  Johnson’s social event was alleged to have occurred on May 15, 2020. Ironically, on the afternoon of the same day, the then British Minister of Health Hancock also held a press conference to urge people to abide by the regulations and not take advantage. Good weather on the weekend of May for group socializing.

  The Guardian reported that at the time, schools, bars and restaurants were closed, and social activities were strictly restricted.

The epidemic prevention guidance also clearly stated: "Only absolutely necessary participants should participate in the meeting and maintain a distance of 2 meters during the entire process."

  In this regard, the deputy leader of the British Labor Party, Rainer, said that the photo was "a slap on the British public" and added, "The Prime Minister has repeatedly shown to us that he completely ignores the rules he set for the rest of us." Na added, "We people only recently walked once a day, and (they) were drinking and reveling late at night at No. 10 Downing Street."

In a rehearsal of a press conference in December 2020, Stratton, the spokesperson of British Prime Minister Johnson, jokingly mentioned a Christmas party in the Prime Minister's Office that violated epidemic prevention regulations.

(Image source: screenshot of British Sky News Network)

One after another exposed to violation of epidemic prevention regulations

Just "lost" a speaker

  This is not the first time Johnson has been exposed to violating epidemic prevention regulations.

Just over ten days ago, on December 8, local time, Johnson’s spokesperson Stratton resigned because a rehearsal video of her previous press conference was exposed. In the video, she revealed No. 10 Downing Street. The situation of holding Christmas parties during the lockdown of the epidemic in December 2020.

  A previously exposed video showed that in a rehearsal video of the press conference taken on December 22, 2020, the assistants at No.10 Downing Street were talking and laughing at a Christmas party held at No.10 Downing Street.

Among them, Stratton also jokingly described the situation at the time, saying that it was a "party without social distancing restrictions."

  Earlier, British media reported that this large gathering at No. 10 Downing Street may take place on December 18, 2020. At that time, there may be 40 to 50 people "crowded in a room at No. 10 Downing Street."

On December 16, 2020, London was just included under the third level of the new crown epidemic. This measure requires people to avoid interacting with non-family members indoors.

  After Stratton resigned, Johnson said, "I am very sorry to lose her. I wish her all the best, and we will miss her days in the government."

  Reuters pointed out that because of the recent rapid proliferation of Omi Keron variants, the British people had to restrict their Christmas plans for the second year in a row, and Johnson was repeatedly exposed to violating the epidemic prevention regulations, which made them feel frustrated.