China News Service, Ningde, December 18 (Lin Rongsheng) On the 18th, the 2021 Taiwan Ph.D. Ningde Teachers College special matchmaking meeting was held in Ningde City, Fujian.

The event was held offline and live online. 23 Taiwanese PhDs participated together to further promote the exchange of talents between Nanjing (Germany) and Taiwan (Bay) universities and help build the first homeland of Taiwanese and Taiwanese enterprises.

  Lian Juncheng, deputy director of the Organization Department of the Ningde Municipal Party Committee, stated that this event will play a positive role in promoting cross-strait talent exchanges and promoting the peaceful development of cross-strait relations under the new situation. The good working platform and living environment of ”, can stay”, continuously optimize the gathering of Taiwanese doctors to take root in Ningde.

The picture shows the site of the special matchmaking meeting for Taiwan Doctors at Ningde Teachers College in 2021.

Photo by Lin Rongsheng

  Ningde and Taiwan are separated by a strip of water, and in recent years have continuously deepened the docking and exchanges of industries and cultures between the two sides of the strait.

Due to its geographical proximity, Ningde has several “firsts” to Taiwan, such as the Xiapu Taiwan Aquatic Product Distribution Center, the first Taiwan aquatic product processing and trade distribution base in the mainland, and the first Taiwanese reception station in Fujian.

  In recent years, Ningde City has issued a series of favorable policies to promote the implementation of equal treatment, which has created good conditions for Taiwan compatriots to start businesses, obtain employment, study and live in Ningde.

At the same time, it has also strengthened talent exchanges and actively provided diversified and multi-level services to Taiwan talents by organizing a series of activities for welcoming the new year of Taiwan talents, celebrating the Taiwan Teachers' Day in Nanjing and other talent exchange activities.

The picture shows the talent exchange site.

Photo courtesy of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Office of Ningde City

  Zheng Tiejun, director of the Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of Ningde City, expressed that he hopes that all Taiwan compatriots will take this event as an opportunity to go deeper into Ningde, experience Ningde, innovate and start businesses, display their talents, and realize their ambitions in order to enhance the friendship between the compatriots on both sides of the strait and promote the nation. Agree to contribute more ingenuity.

  It is reported that the event was organized by the Organization Department of Ningde Municipal Party Committee, Ningde City Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office, Ningde Normal University, Fujian Overseas Talent Center, and co-organized by Ningde City Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Talent Station.

During the event, Taiwanese talents are also invited to visit the teachers’ college garden and teachers’ apartments.

  The person in charge of the relevant department of Ningde Normal University said that at present, Ningde Normal University has 19 PhDs in Taiwan. They love their jobs and work diligently. They have played an active role in promoting the school's discipline and professional construction and strengthening cross-strait cultural exchanges.