British Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned, according to a media report.

The reason is Frost's disenchantment with the course of the government under Prime Minister Boris Johnson, writes the "Mail on Sunday".

Frost submitted his resignation a week ago.

However, he was persuaded to stay until January.

The government in London refused to comment on the report.

The resignation is another blow to the office for Johnson, who is struggling with rising corona numbers and the consequences of lockdown parties.

After new revelations about these parties in the London government circle, a high-ranking official is now to clarify who celebrated where, when and with whom.

Sue Gray, who serves at the Department of Construction, was appointed to the job by Downing Street.

On Friday, the previously assigned officer Simon Case had to give up the job because he is said to have tolerated celebrations in his department.

"She will find out the facts and present her results to the Prime Minister," said Downing Street.

It is unclear when this will happen.

The results of Simon Case's investigation had already been expected within these days.

Johnson has come under massive pressure in the past few weeks because he is said to have tolerated several celebrations on Downing Street or even participated himself during the strict Corona lockdown last year.

In the current Corona situation, which is extremely tense due to the Omikron variant, this is becoming a serious problem: Due to the alleged breaches of the rules, further tightening for Johnson is now difficult to enforce.

"Which ministry didn't have a party?"

The now appointed officer Sue Gray has a good reputation in Westminster across all parties.

The Scottish MP Ian Blackford of the Scottish National Party (SNP) criticized in the BBC interview, however, that a government official was once again commissioned and called for an independent investigation.

Opposition Labor Party's deputy leader Angela Rayner said the task now is to restore trust that has been lost.

"Right now people are asking, 'Which ministry didn't have a party?'" She said.

“It's incredibly disappointing because we all know what was going on while these parties were taking place.

People could not see their loved ones who were dying and made incredible sacrifices. "

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