A man in India uses CPR to resuscitate a fallen monkey after being bitten by a wild dog. 

According to foreign media such as Indian Express on the 15th local time, M. Prabhu, a 38-year-old driver living in Tamil Nadu, India, found a monkey lying in a tree near his house on the 9th.

The monkey was bitten by a pack of wild dogs and then fled to a tree.

The monkey, who was seriously injured, lost consciousness after a while and fell to the ground. 

“I was really scared when the monkey fell from the tree,” Prabhu said.     

While carrying the monkey to the veterinary hospital, Prabhu realized that the monkey was in critical condition and immediately performed CPR.

I pressed the monkey's chest several times with both hands, then breathed in through its mouth. 

After a while, the monkey breathed out and regained consciousness, and Mr. Prabhu shouted for joy. 

The image of Mr. Prabhu saving a monkey with CPR was published on social media.

The video surpassed 3.6 million views within 4 days of being posted. 

Netizens praised Mr. Prabhu, "I admire the effort to save lives", "He is a hero without a cloak to save a living being", and "The world is still worth living". 

The rescued monkey was handed over to the local forestry department for treatment and died a few days later. 

An official from the forestry department said, "In the case of wild animals, it is not easy to survive once an accident occurs. 

In response, Mr. Prabhu expressed regret, saying, "I was so sad that he died after taking care of me like my own child and saving my life." 

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(Photo = 'Sudha Ramen' Twitter capture)