On the 16th, the expert committee of the US CDC = Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a recommendation that Pfizer and Moderna's so-called "mRNA vaccine" is preferable to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for the prevention of infectious diseases of the new coronavirus. Did.

The CDC met on the 16th with a committee of outside experts to examine the efficacy and safety data obtained so far for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The vaccine has been given more than 17 million times in the United States, but in rare cases thrombosis that clogs blood vessels such as the brain occurred after vaccination, and the CDC says that 54 people have been reported so far and 9 people have died. ..

The most common reports of thrombosis are women aged 30 to 49 years, with a frequency of about 10 per million inoculations.

The CDC says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine outweighs the risks but is less effective than the so-called "mRNA vaccines" of Pfizer and Moderna in preventing aggravation and death.

A committee of experts who reviewed these data issued a recommendation that "an'mRNA vaccine'is desirable for the prevention of coronavirus infections."

The CDC says that people in areas where Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are difficult to obtain may continue to be vaccinated.

Johnson & Johnson "Still Important Choices"

"This vaccine provides strong antibodies and cell-mediated immunity, long-term immunological memory, and broad protection across mutant viruses," Johnson & Johnson received a recommendation from the CDC's expert committee yesterday. We have issued a statement saying.

On that basis, he said that it is "still an important option" for people who are avoiding RNA vaccine vaccination, and will work on enlightenment on how to deal with thrombosis in the future.