- The fact that we have seized more illegal firecrackers indicates that many orders are being placed.

One should know that bangers are not ordinary fireworks.

We really want to warn them, especially during New Year when there are a lot of people out celebrating, says Martin Petersson, head of the Swedish Customs' control department.

The bangs are often ordered online from countries where they are legal to sell.

But not everyone knows that they are illegal to bring into Sweden.

3 of 4 fittings are bangers

So far this year, the Swedish Customs has seized a total of just over 19,000 pyrotechnic products, which is almost twice as many as throughout 2020. The large seizures this year were made during the autumn, a total of 15,000 pyrotechnic products since September.

About three out of four of the seizures are so-called bangers.

- Some bangers are powerful as explosive charges and can cause very serious injuries.

We know that they are used by criminals, but they are also ordered by others who may not have understood that they are illegal, says Martin Petersson