The spread of the omicron variant is increasing sharply in many parts of Europe and measures are being planned in many places to reduce the spread of infection.

The tourism industry fears new travel restrictions of the kind that had major consequences for the winter season last year.

For Ylva Forssén, it was a loss of about 70 percent of guests to her sled dog camp in Laukkuluspa, 40 km west of Kiruna.

- The difference from a normal year is that we had quite a few Swedish guests, she says.

Some cancellations have already been received

This year, however, it is for the most part foreign guests, and especially guests from the UK where they have an agent who sells travel on their behalf.

So far, there have only been a few cancellations and it is important to keep your nerves in check.

- You can try to keep calm, but there is still some anxiety.

Should the winter tourism season also be ruined by the pandemic?

Hear the sled dog owner's fears for the future.