This is two years older than his conviction at first instance.

Eighteen years in prison were required Wednesday against Moufide Bouchibi, portrayed as one of the suspected drug lords in France, for a series of go fast in 2011 and 2012 involving tons of cannabis, during of his appeal in Bordeaux.

The Advocate General asked the Court of Appeal for a conviction accompanied by a two-thirds security sentence and a fine of 3 million euros against the 41-year-old Franco-Algerian retried since Monday.

He will be determined on his fate on February 9.

Bordeaux: “Mouf”, presumed cannabis baron in France, sentenced to 16 years in prison via @ 20minutesBord

- 20minutesbordeaux (@ 20minutesbord) September 9, 2021

Today surrounded by four lawyers, the one who is nicknamed "Mouf", is suspected of having been the sponsor of 9 go-fast in 2011 and 2012 which allowed to import more than 3.7 tonnes of cannabis from Morocco.

Wanted by the police since 2012, he was sentenced in his absence in 2015 by the Criminal Court of Bordeaux to 20 years in prison, taking into account a state of recidivism, and a million euros fine for these facts .

Telephone tapping destroyed by mistake

His arrest in March in Dubai, after nine years on the run according to justice, then his transfer with imprisonment in France had led to a new trial in September before the same court which pronounced in first instance a sentence of 16 years of imprisonment assorted. a two-thirds safety period, a criminal fine of 4 million euros and a customs fine of 2 million euros.

In September, the defendant denied being behind the traffic and questioned the validity of the telephone tapping, at the heart of the accusation, arguing that a single investigator "identified" him.

On Wednesday, on the last day of his appeal trial, his defense hit the nail on the head by asking the court to "legally exclude them" after learning the day before at the hearing that these exhibits had been destroyed "by mistake" in within the framework of a plan of “massive clearance of the seals” in 2019. The parquet of Bordeaux joined by AFP recognized a “human error”.

For months, the defense has been denouncing the illegality of the transfer from Dubai to France, a "disguised extradition" which, according to them, is an obstacle to a new judgment of their client.


Bordeaux: "Mouf", presumed cannabis baron in France, sentenced to 16 years in prison


Bordeaux: Stormy start for the trial of "Mouf", presented as one of the French drug barons

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