China News Service, December 15 According to China Netcom, the State Cyberspace Administration of China has guided and urged website platforms to deal with illegal “head accounts” in accordance with the law.

  Since the beginning of this year, the National Cyberspace Administration of China has been working with relevant departments to guide some prominent issues such as weak awareness of law and discipline, abuse of online influence, dissemination of misdirected content, and pollution of the network ecology on the "head account" of some websites and platforms with a large number of fans and high attention. Local Cyberspace Affairs Offices require website platforms to earnestly perform their main responsibilities and punish illegal “head accounts” in accordance with the law. In October, they launched the “Clearness · Internet User Account Operation Disorder Special Rectification Action” to target fake fans of online celebrity accounts. , "Reincarnation" account number and other outstanding issues, continue to increase efforts to rectify.

Since the beginning of this year, more than 20,000 “head accounts” have been closed and updated on relevant website platforms.

  Among the “head accounts” that have been closed and suspended in accordance with the law, some insulted heroes and martyrs and hurt national sentiments, such as “Luo Changping” and “YvonnAlmond”; some wantonly spread rumors and interfere with the order of online communication, such as “George-gua "Melon", "Meng Po is practicing", etc.; some spread soft pornographic information, poisoning the physical and mental health of young people, such as "exotic flowers" and "high-definition private blockbusters", etc.; some malicious and vulgar marketing, polluting the social atmosphere, such as "Yunnan Dharma "Feng Xiaoyi", etc.; some have illegal acts such as tax evasion, such as network anchors "Sydney Cherie" and "Lin Shanshan_Sunny".

The illegal words and deeds of these "head accounts" have negative effects and aroused strong indignation and condemnation from the majority of netizens.

  The Internet is not a place outside the law.

"Head accounts" such as Internet big Vs and personal large accounts are not only personal social tools, but also have media attributes and social mobilization functions. They should take the lead in complying with laws and regulations, actively fulfilling social responsibilities, and being rational and responsible on the Internet; they should actively spread excellence Internet culture, vigorously promote the core socialist values, advocate a positive and healthy Internet atmosphere; make good use of their own influence, play a demonstrative and leading role, and set a positive example for young people.

The Cyberspace Administration of China will continue to carry out in-depth rectification of illegal “head accounts”, focus on prominent problems that the majority of netizens have strongly reflected, further consolidate the main responsibility of the website platform, and guide the website platform to deal with serious problems and bad influences on “head accounts” in accordance with laws and regulations. “Ministry accounts” shall be dealt with seriously, and “head accounts” shall be guided to actively play a positive role, and work together with all parties in the society to create a clear and healthy cyberspace.