• Maneuver, there is no agreement: skip the solidarity contribution for the expensive bills

  • Control room on tax authorities.

    Sources: Irpef and Irap cuts, solidarity contribution against expensive bills

  • Maneuver: CGIL and UIL confirm the strike of 16 December


December 14, 2021 Against the high bills and with the intention of helping the less wealthy range of families, the government is putting 900 million on the plate with the aim of enhancing the social bonus for families in difficulty, while small and medium-sized enterprises could pay the bill of electricity and gas in installments.

After the agreement signed in the Council of Ministers, the measures will be translated into an

amendment to the maneuver expected for tomorrow

: there are 1.8 billion to cancel the general system charges for electricity consumers up to 16kwh, for the benefit of families and small businesses, such as bars and artisans. Another 600 million are used to lower VAT for gas to 5% (now 10% for domestic users, 22% for others). With half a billion, the charges on gas are then cut. Funds in addition to the two billion already allocated in the budget law.   

However, the increase in gas costs may not be contingent and, as explained by the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, the government considers "how to increase the share of national gas production, with the same internal consumption, by reducing imports" , using multiple

closed fields

"which can be reopened in a year".

Geopolitics relies heavily on the energy dossier and "Italy, together with France, Spain and other countries, proposes to move together - said the

Undersecretary for EU Affairs

, Enzo Amendola - to have a common approach not only on price control, but also to have common projects such as storage ".   

The topic of energy prices will be on the table at the

summit of EU leaders on Thursday

, when the Senate will experience hot hours on the front of a maneuver that runs against time. With some tension on the folders. Forza Italia has raised the bar by demanding an extension (from 150 to 180 days) in the amendment expected tomorrow with the new personal income tax rates, but the Democratic Party has raised a wall. More than anything else, as a matter of "political reciprocity", since the Azzurri stopped the solidarity contribution paid by the highest incomes proposed by Prime Minister Mario Draghi and supported by the dems about ten days ago, preventing them from changing the agreement on tax cuts. If it could not be changed then, it cannot be done now, is the reasoning of the Democratic Party, ready to present sub-amendments in the face of a possible extension.   

In addition to taxation and bills, the executive will intervene on the school, with another 200 million or less, destined for the Ata staff, psychological support and

adjustment of teachers' salaries


Another government amendment is designed for

metropolitan cities

in pre-collapse, Naples, Palermo, Turin, Reggio Calabria, but also Catania and Messina. In summary, the law provides for an extraordinary multi-year contribution from the State, in exchange for commitments on taxation, collection, assets and personnel.   

An amendment is also on the way to stabilize

honorary magistrates

: a provision to "respond to requests from the European Commission", which has initiated the infringement procedure against Italy because the current regulation on honorary robes would not comply with some EU directives. The same logic with which the VAT to the third sector at most will go towards a derogation of a few months.   

Then there are the changes proposed by the parties, by the


to the tax on the tables, from the social Ape to the arduous jobs: 600 million available and in their destination the representation of those who advocate the amendments is also weighing.

Also for this reason, the process is far from quick.

From tomorrow the commission will vote on the amendments, the goal is to close the exam on Sunday, but there is also the obstruction announced by the FdI: "We will register all our twenty senators to speak in the commission".

On the calendar, the discussion of the maneuver in the Senate will begin on Tuesday 21 December at 9.30: a marathon with nightly sessions is announced to vote for confidence on the 23. Then it will be up to the House, between Christmas and New Year, one step away from the provisional exercise.