China News Service, December 13th, a comprehensive report. A few days ago, Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng and South Korean Foreign Minister Zheng Yi had a brief meeting on the occasion of the G7 foreign ministers meeting. The two sides expressed their views on forced labor and comfort women issues. There are still differences in their respective positions and historical issues.

The two sides agreed to maintain communication with the diplomatic department and speed up consultations.

Data map: South Korean and Japanese civil organizations in Germany held a rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, once again urging the Japanese government to formally apologize to the victims of the "comfort women" system violence and provide compensation.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

  According to Korean media reports, South Korean Foreign Minister Zheng Yirong met with Japanese Foreign Minister Lin Fangzheng at the reception and dinner of the Group of Seven (G7) Diplomatic Conference in Liverpool, England.

Both sides agreed that it is necessary for the diplomatic departments of the two countries to strengthen communication at all levels on outstanding issues.

  According to the report, both sides have expressed their respective positions on issues such as forced labor conscription and comfort women.

  A South Korean official said that Zheng Yiyong conveyed the South Korean government's position on issues left over from history such as the forced conscription of labor in World War II and the issue of Japanese military comfort women victims, and said that because the two countries have many problems to cooperate, it is necessary to resolve related issues through dialogue.

  Japanese media reported that the conversation had not been coordinated in advance, and Zheng Yirong approached and started the conversation.

Lin Fang is now urging the South Korean side to deal with the issue of forced labor and comfort women.

  The report stated that the two sides agreed to accelerate the consultation and communication between the diplomatic agencies in order to promote the development of Japan-South Korea relations.

  According to reports, this is the first meeting between Zheng Yirong and Lin Fangzheng.

After Lin Fangzheng took office, Zheng Yirong sent a congratulatory letter to him, but so far the two sides have not made a phone call.

  Japan and South Korea have been arguing over historical issues.

Recently, the head of the South Korean Police Commission's landing on the disputed islands prompted Japan to protest, and the positions of the two sides diverged.

In addition, diplomats of the two countries have repeatedly discussed the issue of forced labor and comfort women, and the two sides are still arguing.