The reporter learned from the Ministry of Education on the 13th that according to the implementation plan for the construction of vocational education planning textbooks recently released during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, about 10,000 national vocational education textbooks will be built in batches to guide the construction of a large number of provincial-level textbooks. Planning teaching materials.

The construction of planning textbooks should highlight key points and make up for textbooks in areas that are in short supply.

Accelerate the development of professional teaching materials in areas where people’s livelihood needs are in short supply, such as national strategies such as building a strong country in service and manufacturing, domestic care, nursing, and elderly care, and professional course materials required for opening up to the outside world.

The plan requires strict planning of the textbook compilation, selection, and withdrawal mechanism, adheres to "every editing must be reviewed" and "every selected must be reviewed", and strictly implements the requirements for revision every three years and dynamic update of the content every year.

(Reporter Hu Hao)