, December 13 According to the Cambodian "Cambodia Daily" report, on the morning of December 10, the Cambodian-Chinese Council held a leadership meeting to discuss matters such as the selection of the sixth board of directors and supervisors.

Participants highly affirmed that under the leadership of the Fifth Cambodia-China Council with Fang Qiaosheng as its president, the Chinese community was prosperous and united, and the conference had made fruitful achievements, and they unanimously elected Fang Qiaosheng as the sixth president.

  Liu Mingqin, a senator of the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia, honorary chairman of the Cambodia-Chinese Council, and chairman of the Chaozhou Guild Hall, congratulated Fang Qiaosheng on being re-elected as the sixth chairman.

  He said that Chairman Fang Qiaosheng worked hard, inherited the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, united the Chinese Society, and continued to strive for self-improvement.

Gather the strength of all strata of the Chinese community, serve the broad masses of Chinese people, and make positive contributions to the friendship between Cambodia and China.

  In addition, after the overseas Chinese leaders learned that Fang Qiaosheng had been re-elected as the sixth president, they all stated that the Cambodian Chinese Council will achieve greater brilliance under the leadership of Chairman Fang Qiaosheng.

  It is reported that Fang Qiaosheng served as Chairman of the 5th Board of Supervisors of the Cambodian-Chinese Council on January 17, 2017, and will be re-elected on January 17, 2022.

At present, overseas Chinese leaders are actively selecting the sixth board of directors and supervisors and hiring consultants to promote the prosperity and development of the Cambodia-China conference.