Chinanews, Beijing, December 13th, title: The "by-product" of the Democracy Summit goes beyond the Democracy Summit itself

  Author Chen Xiang

  The "Global Democracy Summit" led by Washington came to an end. This "world-level conference" did not gain the positive attention that matched its name. Instead, it gathered all sorts of "full house", which can be described as "a loneliness." ".

This may also be the worst hack in the history of the term "democracy".

  One is that the democracy summit entrains "private goods", but it is not about "democracy."

  According to the list of participants announced by the US, 70 or 80 countries, including China and Russia, were excluded, exposing the small circle nature of the democratic summit.

Who is eligible to participate in the summit does not depend on whether it is democratic or not, but on whether it meets the strategic needs of the United States.

Countries that the United States is not pleasing to the eye, have a bad relationship with the United States, and do not listen to the United States are all excluded; countries that the United States believes are useful in the process of geographic confrontation and dominance of the world, no matter how unsatisfactory the democratic status is. Be regarded as "inside people".

  "Washington Post" stated that Biden is playing the role of "Santa Claus" in deciding who is a good child and who is a naughty child.

The invitation list for the "Democracy Summit" seems to be a black or white split of the world, which has caused tension and anger in different countries.

The Hungarian Embassy in the United States issued a statement to the "Washington Post" that the list of invitations for the "Democracy Summit" indicated that the meeting was only an internal affairs activity of the United States.

Singaporean newspapers pointed out that this shows that what American diplomacy really considers is its interests, not democracy.

  A few hours before the opening of the summit, Pakistan, regarded by the United States as a good anti-terrorist helper, declined the invitation of the United States not to participate.

According to media statistics, of the 110 countries invited, only 89 countries participated in the conference, with a missed appointment rate of nearly 20%.

Even the participants, some analysis portrayed their embarrassing mentality in this way-"I believe that many countries are too embarrassed to refuse the invitation because of their emotions, and they have to make false impressions."

It seems that this ill-intentioned democratic private banquet was unpopular.

  The second is to talk about democracy inside the venue, and "bury democracy" outside the venue.

  The democracy summit focused on three themes, resisting hegemonism, fighting corruption and promoting respect for human rights.

Whether it’s Washington’s “America First” and “America is Back” declarations, US election corruption where “one person, one vote” has been alienated into “one dollar, one vote”, or the human rights dilemma marked by ethnic minorities’ “I can’t breathe”, All show that the three arrows fired by the Democracy Summit all hit the United States accurately.

  Cliff Obright, executive director of a non-profit organization in Atlanta, said, "You can't be the firefighter of the world when your home is on fire."

It has long been predicted by public opinion that the Democracy Summit will not help resolve substantive issues related to democracy.

  Sure enough, at the summit, Washington did not attack its own specific issues related to democracy, but prescribed ambiguous prescriptions for global democracy.

For example, in the next year, the United States promised to provide up to 424.4 million U.S. dollars in so-called "foreign aid" funds to "support democracy and defend human rights on a global scale."

However, this did not make international public opinion happy. On the contrary, it was anxious. This meant that the public opinion war of the United States to smear and attack other countries’ democracy and human rights through bribery would continue, and the world’s confrontation and division would not end in sight.

  On the same day as the "Democracy Summit" held in Washington, the American people gathered outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York, carrying a coffin with "American Democracy" and slogans such as "Save American Democracy", and held a "funeral" for American democracy to protest against various This "restrict voting" policy is harmful to American democracy.

  On overseas social platforms, only a few thousand people watched the global live broadcast of the "Democracy Summit", which was jokingly called a "global summit" that only participants and staff would pay attention to; and the impact of the "American Democratic Funeral" The scene, however, has caused a heated discussion about reposting on international media and social platforms.

The cold and hot bursts the democratic bubble in Washington, and the "truth and unbearableness" of American democracy has been exposed.

  An undemocratic democracy summit not only allowed the world to see through Washington’s pseudo-democratic narrative, but also magnified the democratic narrative of American society and the democratic narrative at the global level, triggering public opinion on the universality and diversity of democracy, and the criteria for judging democracy. In-depth debate on the direction of evolution.

In this sense, the "by-product" of the democratic summit goes beyond the democratic summit itself.