The Houthi militia incurred heavy losses

Yemeni legitimate forces send military reinforcements to the Marib fronts

The Yemeni army forces pushed new reinforcements to the fronts of Marib, to support the fronts south of the province, which repelled the Houthi militia's attempts to penetrate the al-Balaq fronts towards the Falaj area, the only outlet from the southern side towards the center of the province.

And field sources confirmed that 40 military vehicles within the Yemeni army’s human reinforcements arrived at the Al-Balaq fronts, south of the city of Ma’rib, to support the first defensive lines of the city, after the militias attempted to advance towards the eastern Balaq, and reach the vicinity of Al-Falaj area, the only outlet towards the center of the governorate.

The sources stated that, during the past few hours, the army and tribes forces, with great support from the coalition fighters, managed to repel the largest Houthi attacks towards the Al-Arif area and the outskirts of the eastern Jabal al-Balaq and the Ladha area, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

She indicated that violent battles continued between the two sides on the fronts south and west of the province, while the coalition fighters intensified their support raids, which are the main defense line for the city of Ma'rib, targeting Houthi sites and mechanisms in separate areas, leaving many dead and wounded, and destroying several Houthi mechanisms.

The coalition had announced the implementation of 36 targeting operations against the militias in Marib, which resulted in the destruction of 20 combat vehicles, and the elimination of 190 Houthis.

Meanwhile, the fronts west of Marib witnessed fierce battles at dawn today, Sunday, during which the army and tribes, backed by the coalition, managed to thwart and repel several Houthi attacks on the al-Kasara front, leaving 47 dead, many wounded, and the destruction of Houthi mechanisms that were pushed to the contact lines.

Field sources in Marib confirmed the destruction of an entire Houthi brigade during the past three days in the vicinity of Ma'rib, noting that the second Houthi mountain infantry brigade was completely destroyed by the army, tribes and coalition fighters, and that the commander of the brigade, Ali Muhammad Alwan, nicknamed "Abu Yahya Harib", was killed. And many field leaders, including Abdullah Hammoud Al-Shami, and two prominent leaders in the militias from Beit Sharaf Al-Din and Beit Al-Imad.

For its part, the coalition fighters launched a series of raids targeting Houthi reinforcements in the Umm Rish front in the south, and on the Al-Bayda-Marib road, which led to the destruction of 11 combat vehicles, bullets and various weapons that were on board transport vehicles.

On the other hand, local and medical sources in Sana’a confirmed that the city’s hospitals have received, during the past two days, more than 170 bodies of Houthi dead who fell in Marib alone, including 25 bodies of those killed from the Dar Salim area, south of Sanaa alone, and 18 from the Al-Haima Al-Kharjiya area west of the capital, including the leader Field, Muhammad visitors.

In Al-Jawf, the army and tribes forces, with the support of the coalition fighters, repelled an attack by the Houthis on the Al-Alam area, east of Bir Al-Maraziq, through which they tried to retrieve the body of a field leader close to Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, who had fallen during yesterday’s battles, leaving more than 16 dead and a number of wounded.

Field sources stated that the militias sent new reinforcements to the area with the aim of exhuming the body of a leader close to the militia leader, without indifference to the deceived elements who killed them.

In Hajjah, coalition fighters targeted a meeting of Houthi leaders in a house in the vicinity of Haradh, killing three of the leaders and wounding six others.

In Hodeidah, coalition warplanes thwarted a terrorist operation targeting international shipping in the Red Sea, destroying booby-trapped boats that were preparing to carry out the attack in the Salif area north of Hodeidah.

Local sources said that a Houthi boats' booby-trapped workshop was targeted with three raids, which led to the destruction of the workshop and the booby-trapped boats, which led to the death and injury of a number of booby-trapping experts and Houthi elements who were in the area.

It also targeted Houthi combat reinforcements, which were on their way to the vicinity of the liberated Hays district, south of the governorate, leaving dead and wounded and destroying many Houthi vehicles.

Meanwhile, the air defenses of the joint forces managed to shoot down a Houthi drone that was supporting the reinforcements that were targeted in the vicinity of the city of Hays from the side of the road linking with the Al-Jarrahi district.

In addition, the engineering teams affiliated with the joint venture and the Saudi project “Masam” continued to extract large quantities of mines in large Houthi fields in the vicinity of eastern and southern Hays, and on the outskirts of Jabal Ras Directorate and the liberated areas in the Maqbna District, west of Taiz.

In Dhamar, the militias kidnapped 70 residents of villages in the west of the province, after they refused to fight on the fronts of the West Coast and Marib, and took them to an unknown destination.

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