• The Democratic Party nominates Cecilia D'Elia to the substitutes of the Rome 1 college

  • Giuseppe Conte: "I'm not applying for the supplementary"

  • Calenda-Italia Viva: on the pitch in Rome against the Democratic Party if Conte is a candidate for the supplementary rounds


12 December 2021 Meetings in progress in the center-right in these hours to decide the name to be nominated for the alternatives of 16 January in the Rome 1 seat, vacant after the election of Roberto Gualtieri as mayor of the capital.

The leaders of Forza Italia, Lega and Fratelli d'Italia in the area are confronting each other to arrive at a shared proposal by tonight. According to what has been learned, the possible name should be that of Simonetta Matone, already in the running for the Capitol alongside Enrico Michetti.

Salvini-Meloni-Tajani Pact

"Tomorrow we will be able to give the name of a unitary candidate for the center-right to the supplementary in Rome", are the words that Giorgia Meloni said at the end of the Atreju event. They are a clear reference to the agreement on Simonetta Matone, a former magistrate. Pushed by the League, Matone has now reached an agreement with the allies. Except for last-minute surprises, the former juvenile magistrate will be the name of Lega, Fdi and Fi in the running for the seat in Rome 1.

Right behind the scenes of Atreju, in Piazza Risorgimento that saw all the center-right leaders meet , Matteo Salvini, main sponsor of Matone, received the yes of Giorgia Meloni and Antonio Tajani. Last round of phone calls tonight in view of tomorrow's announcement.

Matone, leader of the Lega in Campidoglio, is appreciated in the coalition for his moderation and the propensity for dialogue between the sides. The former magistrate said she was ready: "My availability will always be there for the good of the city and the country. For a united, moderate center-right, rooted in the territory but above all ready to listen to the needs of all citizens", reflects the Matone.

We vote on January 16, before the election for the Quirinale. The deadline for submitting applications expires at 8 pm tomorrow, Monday 13 December.

Three women in the running

A possible challenge is looming between three women for the supplementary school at the Chamber of the center of Rome. The Roman leadership of the Democratic Party has formalized the candidacy of

Cecilia D'Elia

, responsible for national equal opportunities of the dem, close to the governor of Lazio and former secretary Nicola Zingaretti, of which she was councilor, and appreciated throughout the party.

The move by the Democratic Party, however, is clearly opposed by Carlo Calenda, who has collected over 30% of the votes in the last municipal offices in the center.

The leader of Action a few hours earlier had withdrawn the candidacy of the regional councilor Valentina Grippo in favor of a common name, but after the choice of the Democratic Party he speaks of a "wide field that does not exist" because the dem prefer "to go forward without comparison".

The option of running the Minister of Equal Opportunities,

Elena Bonetti

, of Iv,

remains in the field