Trial of November 13: the dismay of the father of Samy Amimour, terrorist of Bataclan

Sketch of Azdyne Amimour, the father of Samy Amimour, one of the Bataclan terrorists.


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At the trial of the attacks of November 13, 2015, it is now the relatives of the commandos who appear on the bar as witnesses.

Friday, December 10, the court heard for more than three hours Azdyne Amimour, the father of Samy Amimour, one of the three terrorists of the Bataclan.


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How did Samy Amymour come to " 

massacre compatriots

 "? "

It's very difficult to explain

", begins his father, who describes a boy " 


" but " 

kind, intelligent

 ". "

He had a flawless school career then that happened at breakneck speed

," he explains.

The court, the public prosecutor and the lawyers of civil parties can recall that he is a witness, that it is not a question of blaming him.

However, the questions with accusatory accents are linked: How did he not measure the radicalization of his son?

Why didn't he try to reason with him more?

Why not cut off the internet or called a toll-free number ?, still launches a lawyer, while the device was created after the departure of Samy Amimour at the end of 2013.

A trip to Syria to find his son

The septuagenarian recounts his trip to Syria in the summer of 2014 to try to get his son back. There too, the questions fuse: did he really go there? When ? Did he try everything to bring him back? "

I tried

 ", " 

He did not respond

", "

 the conditions were difficult

 " or even "

 he was lobotomized

", successively advances Azdyne Amimour.


Can you see it and you don't do more?" 

»Insists the court.


 Why didn't you report it to the police when you got back


 », Adds a lawyer.

He was there, I never thought he was going to come back,

 " stammers Azdyne Amimour who has no miracle explanation to offer, only his incomprehension and his helplessness.


I can not explain ... He is a child who lacked nothing ... we do not understand why

 ", breathes the witness.

 I often feel guilty.

I must have missed something, I don't know.


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