The new German government will release 60 billion euros, notably for the climate

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner on December 10, 2021 in Berlin.


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First press conference for the new German finance minister, liberal Christian Lindner.

This apostle of budgetary orthodoxy announced a 60 billion investment plan in the sectors of the future and the climate.

A growth signal that will be appreciated in various ways.


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With our correspondent in Berlin,

Nathalie Versieux

Christian Lindner scrapes the bottoms of drawers.

And they are well filled.

His predecessor in the finance portfolio, the new Chancellor Olaf Scholz, had borrowed 240 billion euros in 2021, to deal with the health crisis.

Sixty billion

At the end of the year, 60 billion remains in this exceptional envelope, intended to help companies in difficulty and finance partial unemployment.

These are the 60 billion that Christian Lindner intends to allocate to future projects, in particular to decarbonize industry and transport.

The new German coalition is betting on green growth, driven by climate ambition.

A strong signal to the attention of his majority partners for the liberal Lindner. 

Return to orthodoxy in 2023

But a short-lived signal.

The return to budgetary orthodoxy is planned for 2023. " 

It is only by guaranteeing the stability of finances that we will be able to meet the requirement of equity between the generations

 ", recalled the Minister.

In accordance with the Constitution, the government will then no longer be able to borrow more than 0.35% of GDP, around 12 billion euros.

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