There was a case in which an intellectually disabled child in China ripped up money equivalent to four months' wages.

The story of how bankers helped as if they were their own is a hot topic.


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A 7-year-old boy from Guizhou, China, tore 60 100-yuan bills while his mother was away.

It is about 1.1 million Korean Won, which is equivalent to a monthly salary of four months in this area.

It was a huge amount of money for the family, especially since my father died of a brain hemorrhage and my mother was living alone.

A local bank reached out to help in the plight of the family, who had to somehow save the torn money.

Three bank employees checked the torn sections of each bill that was shredded into 300 pieces, and it took 11 hours to match all the bills.

Thanks to this, the family was able to exchange the entire amount for new notes.

Netizens responded, "I can't be angry with the child... how upset would the mother be?", "The bank employees who helped are so warm. You will be blessed."

(Screen source: YouTube Nine Pie News)