Don't let people praise the color and paint the "Great Wall" to set the universe

  ——Written on the first anniversary of the world’s first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine

  On December 9, 2021, my country’s self-developed world’s first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine delivered a one-year transcript of the market——

  Ten countries have approved the listing, and 112 countries, regions and international organizations have approved emergency use or market access.

The annual production capacity exceeds 7 billion doses, and 2.5 billion doses of vaccine have been supplied to global production.

  "The rapid research and development of China's new crown vaccine, the large-scale listing, and the supply and assistance at home and abroad are changing the course of the epidemic." On December 9, Zhu Jingjin, President of the Biological Products Division of Sinopharm Group, said at the anniversary event that Freedom was approved for listing in the UAE. Over the past year, the inactivated COVID-19 vaccine independently developed by China Biotech has built a great wall of epidemic prevention in many countries.

  In response to the Omi Keron strain that has emerged in the world, China Biotech quickly launched a systematic scientific research layout.

Zhang Yuntao, chief scientist and vice president of China Biology, revealed at the meeting that he is evaluating the impact of virus mutations on existing vaccines, and has also opened a vaccine covering a variety of key site mutations and has a high-level therapeutic effect on the Omi Keron strain. Research and development of new drugs.

  UAE Ambassador to China Ali Zahiri pointed out in his speech on the spot that thanks to vaccine cooperation and sufficient production capacity, the UAE and China support each other and work together to improve international health and well-being.

  Over the past year, voices from different countries have unanimously stated the "world reputation" of China's vaccines: King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent a letter of thanks; Seychelles President Ram Karawang himself was vaccinated with Sinopharm's new crown vaccine. He said that China Sinopharm The vaccine saved Seychelles...

  Bravely break into the real world, China dares to innovate

  The clock went back a year ago. The unexpected symptoms of foreign vaccines during emergency use made it difficult for people to understand the confidence of the vaccine research and development team in the world's first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine independently developed by my country.

  Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm Group China Biotech, said frankly that at the beginning of the epidemic, China Biotech established an emergency response team and formed a special scientific research team. Based on the performance of the new coronavirus, various technical routes were demonstrated, and finally the inactivated vaccine was considered safe and effective. The performance is guaranteed, the research and development technology is mature, and the later production can be guaranteed.

  The person in charge of the vaccine research and development team holds the same view: According to incomplete statistics, related inactivated vaccine products have been used in humans for tens of billions of times, and the safety of inactivated vaccines is relatively high and the effectiveness is relatively good.

  Over the past year, these professional judgments have been confirmed one by one in the real-world studies of inactivated vaccines in China.

The Peruvian Ministry of Health reported that the death rate of more than 60,000 doctors after the entire vaccination process dropped by 98%; the Argentine Ministry of Health reported that the death protection rate for people over 60 years old was 84%...

  These achievements and praise are not easy. Zhu Jingjin, who was the first batch of “Great Wall Project Teams” to carry out international phase III clinical trials in many countries, has the deepest feelings: “In the process of global industrialization for more than 200 years, after three industrial revolutions, China Vaccine Being able to stand on the same starting line with developed countries in Europe and the United States and multinational pharmaceutical companies, demonstrating Chinese technology, Chinese manufacturing, Chinese brands and China’s responsibility."

  Included in the global list, the vaccine strength is recognized

  On May 3, 2021, the World Health Organization announced the evaluation report of the new crown inactivated vaccine from the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of China. problem.

  It is difficult to accurately measure how much resistance and prejudice this conclusion has broken through.

What is certain is that, as the first non-Western vaccine to be included in the Emergency Use List (EUL), the application documents provided by Sinopharm Sinopharm can withstand the critical and scrutiny of a "hand-held magnifying glass" by a world-class professional team.

  After more than 4 months of rigorous review, on-site inspection, technical review and related responses, on May 7, 2021, the new crown inactivated vaccine from the Beijing Institute of Biological Products of China was authorized by the WHO for emergency use.

WHO evaluation: China's Sinopharm's new crown vaccine is the sixth new crown vaccine in the world that has obtained WHO's safety, effectiveness and quality verification.

  After being included in the list, China's bio-new crown vaccines have been shipped to Pakistan, Kenya, Burkina Faso and other countries to promote the fair and reasonable distribution of global vaccines.

  With a production capacity of over 7 billion doses, made in China makes history

  Internationally, many developing countries still lack vaccines.

To build the Great Wall of Immunization, it is necessary to build an unprecedented ultra-large-scale inactivated vaccine production workshop for COVID-19.

Chinese builders have created miracles in the history of construction, including the first high-level biosafety laboratory and production workshop complex for the new coronavirus vaccine in 86 days, and the second high-level biosafety production workshop for the new coronavirus vaccine in 76 days.

  The expansion of production and efficiency depends on technology.

China Biotechnology has formed a number of unique processes with independent intellectual property rights, and has achieved a leap from tens of millions of doses to billions of doses, forging an annual production capacity of more than 7 billion doses and becoming the world's largest new crown vaccine research and development production base and supplier Technology "hard core".

  From a history of unprecedented high-quality, high-yield supply, Made in China made history in this year.

  Responding to virus mutation, one generation is effective and the second generation is standby

  Over the past year, the weird mutation of the new coronavirus has never gone far away from the pressured question of "Is the vaccine still effective?"

  In response to pressure, the Chinese biovaccine research and development team has never stopped-from the Alpha strain that has quickly become the mainstream strain in Europe and the United States, to the Delta strain that caused the secondary epidemic in India, to the Omi Keron strain that carries more than 30 mutations , Researchers have always been in hot pursuit.

  "Virus mutation has always been a problem that requires great attention in the process of vaccine development and use." Zhang Yuntao said that in response to the Omi Keron strain, booster vaccination with existing inactivated vaccines or increased immunization doses can increase the overall population's antibody level .

For other technical routes such as recombinant protein vaccines and mRNA vaccines, China Biosciences is developing new new coronavirus vaccines that cover multiple key site mutations, forming a pattern of "effective one-generation and standby-second generation".

  The battle against infectious diseases is a long journey.

In just one year, the world’s first inactivated COVID-19 vaccine has gone from being “conditional” when it was first approved to continuously building the Great Wall of Epidemic Prevention during a global pandemic, using real, safe and effective data to interpret Chinese companies, Chinese creations, and even the whole of China. "Don't let people praise the colors well, and paint the "Great Wall" to determine the strength and strength of the universe."