China News Service, December 10, comprehensive report that the game between the United States and Russia over the Ukraine issue is still continuing. After a video meeting between U.S. President Biden and Russian President Putin, Biden finally called Ukrainian President Zelensky on the 9th. Once again promised not to "sit and watch", Zelensky expressed his desire to have direct talks with Putin.

On the other hand, Russia has expressed concern about the continued military assistance of NATO countries to Ukraine.

Russia: Concerned about NATO military aid to Ukraine

  According to the Russian Satellite Network, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said that NATO continues to provide weapons to Ukraine, and Moscow is concerned about this.

It is reported that U.S. President Biden had previously approved military aid to Ukraine worth 600 billion U.S. dollars.

  Zakharova said at a press conference: “Ukraine in a state of civil war continues to receive help from NATO countries and is concerned about the development of the country’s situation. Kiev is gathering troops near the line of contact in Donbass.”

  Recently, some Western media reported that Russia is gathering troops near the Ukrainian border, which Russia has repeatedly denied.

Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov stated that Russia is free to mobilize troops on its own territory. This does not pose a threat to any aspect and should not be disturbed.

Moscow believes that the West wants to use Russia's possible invasion of Ukraine as an excuse to deploy more NATO military equipment near the Russian border.

  Relations between Russia and Ukraine deteriorated due to the situation in the Donbass after the coup in Ukraine in February 2014.

The Ukrainian government has repeatedly accused Russia of interfering in Ukraine's internal affairs.

In January 2015, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine passed a statement calling Russia an "aggressor country."

Russia denied Uzbek’s accusations and said the accusations were unacceptable.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that Russia is not a party to Ukraine’s internal conflict and hopes that Kiev can get rid of the political and economic crisis.

Biden appeases Zelensky

  After a video meeting with Putin on the 7th, Biden called Ukrainian President Zelensky on the 9th.

The White House stated that Biden told Zelensky that the United States and its allies may respond with "draconian economic and other measures" due to the situation in Ukraine.

  Allegedly, the written statement of the U.S. government stated: “President Biden expressed the deep concern of the U.S. and European allies about Russia’s'aggression' actions against Ukraine, and made it clear that the U.S. and allies will act resolutely when further military intervention occurs. And other measures to respond."

  The statement also pointed out that during the conversation, Biden reiterated "the unshakable commitment of the United States to Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

  The statement stated: "President Biden made it clear that the United States and its allies and partners abide by the principle of'no decision or discussion on Ukraine without Ukraine's participation'. The two leaders called on Russia to reduce tensions and agreed that diplomacy is The best way to make meaningful progress in conflict resolution."

  In addition, according to the White House report, in his conversation with Zelensky, Biden emphasized that the United States is willing to support confidence-enhancing measures to promote the implementation of the Minsk agreement in support of the Normandy model.

Ukraine: Willing to communicate directly with Putin

  On the other hand, Ukraine, as the protagonist of the US-Russian summit video meeting, also expressed its own thoughts.

Andrei Sibiga, Deputy Director of the Office of the President of Ukraine, stated that Uzbek President Zelensky said in a telephone conversation with US President Biden that he was willing to have direct talks with Russian President Putin.

  Zelensky's call with Biden was conducted in the context of the Ukrainian navy ship "Donbass" trying to enter the Kerch Strait.

According to the assessment of the Russian Federal Security Agency, the incident posed a threat.

The ship was transferred back when the news of the end of the call between the U.S. and U.S. Presidents came.

  On the 9th, Sibega said in a broadcast on the "1+1" TV station: "It was also announced today that the President of Ukraine is willing to have direct talks with President Putin. Uzbekistan is ready for this talk and has a corresponding position, and we Hope, including with the support of our partners, will be able to carry out this dialogue."

  Zelensky has expressed his willingness to meet face-to-face with Putin and discuss the issue of conflict resolution in the Donbass.